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Why Reindeer Farts Are Funny

Why Reindeer Farts Are Funny

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Why Reindeer Farts are Funny?  I know, what a strange way to start a Christmas topic! Many people are ashamed to fart because they see it as something embarrassing, but in truth, and in fact, it is natural. If you ask us, it works for your body when you let the excess waste gas out as it makes you feel relieved and “light”. Most times while out, we have friends who ask to be excused to use the bathroom when all they need to do is flatulate. We will understand if it is in the presence of food, and you may want to be respectful, but it is generally nothing to feel bad about.

reindeer farts

Of course, sometimes the farts can be a little on the smelly side and it is not so pleasant (maybe the reason for the embarrassment). In the spirit of Christmas, we all know and look forward to Santa Claus and what he has to bring. But do we ever wonder how his sleigh travels in the air without being electrically powered? Well, it is “gas-powered” and by reindeer farts. And they were not embarrassed as it helped to bring the smiles and joys of Christmas to everyone. It is funny that many people do not understand how powerful these can be, but having fun with it is the reason behind the production of reindeer farts.

Why Reindeer Farts are Funny 

These are cotton-like candies that are created in various flavors to include peppermint. If you have never seen the package label or genuinely know them, you could easily pass them off for regular cotton candies. They are a fun way to increase the cheers of Christmas and are perfect gifts for both children and the young at heart.

Why Reindeer Farts

Reindeer farts are neutral gifts that can be given to everyone. Throughout the year, there are so many stresses and issues one goes through, so a little humor at Christmas is a welcomed change. When you consider reindeer farts, there are some ideas you can use as inspiration:

  • Great Potty-Training Humor

Potty training can be a little task that takes a lot out of you, so helping to bring fun to your child and why they would want to “release” (you know what we mean lol!) is a welcomed challenge. This sweet treat will give them the idea that potty time can be fun and how much reindeers and Santa would be proud of them. May sound weird, but trust us…it will work!

  • Candy Exchange/School Gifting

Kids love candy (these reindeer farts are not high in sugar) and gifting a bag, or two of these candy puffs are a fun way to get some smiles and laughter. Also, you can let your child give their teachers are fun gifts and believe they won’t say no either. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift as you don’t know what one wants…a neutral gift is an ideal bet.

  • A Non-denominational Gift

Many people are no longer interested in the idea of Christmas, and as such, gifting during this period would be better if they are non-denominational. Reindeer farts are air-puff candies that come in different flavors and can be given to persons of different faiths. Also, schools that “frown” on the idea of Christmas but still celebrate a little ‘party” during this time may want to remove the nativity scenes and all related activities. Adding the reindeer farts as alternatives for the kids will leave them happy above all.

reindeer farts

Getting a bag of this fluffy stuff will leave your mouth feeling cool and refreshed as each pinch is a peppermint-flavored bite. It will surely leave a fresh feeling of the Yuletide tradition in your mind as you meltdown every taste. When you purchase or receive a bag of this sweet mint delicacy, you will not only be benefiting your taste buds but also helping a foundation that caters to the well-being of children with neurodiversity (dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum, Tourette Syndrome and more). Also, they are safe for all types of eaters as they are gluten-free and include artificial flavors, colors, and minimal sugar. Also, if this is a solace…they are not “fatty” (even though it has sugar) as we know many people are now health-conscious and careful about what they eat.

There is no harm in getting a bag or few as the magical taste and flavor is all you will need for the Christmas or the holiday season for non-celebrants. They are perfect for stuffing those stockings, sending with a card, or even “wrapping” and adding under the Christmas tree. Remember, the season is all about fun, and this is what these bring!

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