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Walking Dead Ultimate Fan Gift Ideas

Walking Dead Ultimate Fan Gift Ideas

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The season 7 of the Walking Dead just started, and I was standing on PINS AND NEEDLES to find out who Neegan killed! The producers of the Walking dead are just horrible, horrible little people to make me lose my breath. They left a world in turmoil, and I feel that they ‘re not going to make life any easier for me this coming season. While I’m desperately waiting, I found some fabulous things for your home to get ready for the return of the Walking Dead! I found so many amazing things, and I have them all in my cart, and I’m ready to pressed PAY. These make for a great gift for that Walking Dead lover in your family!


Walking Dead Vinyl Record Clock

This Walking Dead clock is everything I need in life with my favorite characters on it! However, this clock is pretty amazing too!


The Walking Dead – Glenn Rhee Original Minimalist Art Poster Print

This hand made fan poster of Glenn is awesome! It’s completely done in watercolor, and a necessity for any true TWD fan’s home.


Rick Grimes Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally going to be curled in a little tight ball under my Rick Grimes blanket. It maybe soft, but I just know that Rick will protect me!


The Walking Dead Throw Pillow Covers

These throw pillow covers are everything in life that is right. We have my most favorite cast members on them, and they’re going to look fabulous in the family room.


Daryl Dixon Framed Poster

Daryl just melts my heart with his southern boy charm, and bad boy attitude. This is going in my room…next to my bed.


TWD Pillow Case Cover

I love this TWD pillow case. It’ll be something I can cry me tears in at night when I find out who died.


TWD Cleanup Mess Toilet Paper Holder

This is a complete no brainer, no pun intended, in needing this toilet paper holder!


Zombie Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Since you’re getting the toilet paper holder, you might as well complete your set with this awesome toilet brush and holder set! You can literally clean the dead out of your bathroom.


TWD Dead Inside Shower Curtain

You’re bathroom is totally going to be complete with this Dead Inside shower curtain. You can even take it to a literal sense on how you feel in the morning when you have to wake up and take a shower. This shower curtain explains my daily feeling on life…until I shower and have coffee.


The Walking Dead Zombie Table Lamp

Can I tell you how much that I sincerely love this lamp? I love this TWD lamp so much that I actually ordered TWO of them! You gotta have a matching set. Right?


TWD Night Light

If you’re scared to wander the halls of your house late at night, then no worries! You can now feel safe and secure with a few of these TWD night lights in your home.


Zombie Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Even your kitchen table needs a little bit of TWD love, and this salt and pepper shaker set is sure to be a hit. It’ll give your food all of the right dead flavors that you’re looking for. Or maybe you can take a look at this fabulous set!


Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

While we’re in the kitchen, let’s open up a bottle of wine…which just so happens to be in this is to die for zombie wine bottle holder. I might need two of these. I love wine!


I Love You Zombie Hand

Even zombies want to show a little love, and this is going straight by my tv set on the bookshelf. I’m infatuated with it! Or you can get this one with 2 zombie hands forming a heart.


The Walking Dead print canvas

Take your love for art to and all new fabulous level with this 5 piece wall art set!


The Walking Dead – European Style Duvet Bed Cover Set

Last but not the least, I present to you the quintessential piece that you need for your home – TWD Bed Duvet Cover Set! You sleep pure Walking Dead love and comfort, all the while of having your favorite cast members running for protection.

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