22 of the Cutest Reindeer Treats

Why are reindeer treats so fun? Reindeer are a great source of food! Just kidding, this collection of whimsical and cute reindeer treats are totally reindeer meat-free and make for great projects to do with the kids. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Spending time with your family and creating those memories that will help last their entire […]

30 of the CUTEST Reindeer Crafts

The reindeer is an iconic part of Christmas. They are so adorable that it’s hard not to feel happy when looking at them! There are many crafts you can make for kids, and these 30 all have their own little personality. After reading this post, we hope you will be in the mood to craft with your children–or even by […]

Why Reindeer Farts Are Funny

Why Reindeer Farts are Funny?  I know, what a strange way to start a Christmas topic! Many people are ashamed to fart because they see it as something embarrassing, but in truth, and in fact, it is natural. If you ask us, it works for your body when you let the excess waste gas out as it makes you feel […]

Why Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a Champion to Us All

Like many of us, Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, has had his fair share of pain and inner cries. He has had to deal with the scars of mental, physical, and emotional abuse just because he was “different from the rest”. But, not in a sense that he was different in terms of not a “normal” animal, but he had a […]

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Pretzel Treats

(Sigh) I am back on my reindeer kick and have another fun treat that popped into my head: Reindeer Pretzel Treats.  These are easy to make and the combination of salt and sweet are a perfect treat for the taste buds. Why not whip them up and have them handy for that fun book or holiday TV special with the […]

Chocolate Rudolph Cupcakes

Yup, I am totally still on the Reindeer kick and now, I am working on Blitz’s story…he’s Russian! He inspired these Chocolate Rudolph Cupcakes and I had to get these out of my head to see the end of the story come to the page. Makes 12 cupcakes You will need: 1 box of triple chocolate Cake mix 3 eggs […]

Totally Delish Reindeer Sugar Cookies

I can’t help it, I am stuck on reindeer this holiday season and it is totally because of my Reindeer Shifter Series that I have been writing. While I am penning the love life of Don, these fun treats popped into my head: Totally Delish Reindeer Sugar Cookies Totally Delish Reindeer Sugar Cookies You will need: 1 C unsalted sweet […]

Rudolph Reindeer Rice Krispy On a Stick

Let’s face it, my buddy Rudy is the hero of the season. He has songs written about him and even his own TV special. This simple rice krispy treat is in homage to my seasonal friend – here is my Rudolph Reindeer Rice Krispy On a Stick Rudolph Reindeer Rice Krispy On a Stick Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Dannelle Gay […]

Reindeer Noses — A Sweet Gift!

These make a great gift idea for teachers, neighbors, coaches, coworkers and scout leaders! Items Needed: Glue or hot glue (hot glue will work best) Mason Jars (I used pint size) Brown pipe cleaners Construction paper Ribbon Googley eyes Whoppers candy Red gum balls Directions: Clean the mason jars with soapy water and allow them to dry. Find a portion […]

Reindeer Sugar Cookies!

I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE the holidays and you are going to get a few fun cookies recipes over the next few weeks that might help you impress someone or even dress up your cookie gift baskets! You CAN use a cookie mix, or even prebought cut out cookies that you simply bake off then decorate…I know Gorton Food Service […]