Create an Annual Holiday Tradition with Ornaments

My mom is the one I credit for this concept as she did it for us. Every year, she got us kids ornaments that some how captured the concept of the year for each of us. It had the date on it and our name. One year I had a flute because I was in a flute quartet. One year […]

The Original Religious Christmas Ornaments: Chrismons

What are Religious Christmas Ornaments? Well, Christmas is celebrated in many different forms and also named based on the region and culture practiced. Christians do various activities during this time, and one such is putting up Chrismon tree in their Church or centers of worship. It is an evergreen tree which is placed in Churches and dates back to 1957 […]

A History of Christmas Ornaments

What we call the “Christmas tree” of today has a long history that stretches way before the 16th century. Though many see it as just a significant decoration of the season, it has a deeper meaning that we will explore. After all, nothing is wrong with wanting to know about some of the precious items we include in our yearly […]

25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make

Christmas ornaments are usually required to festoon a Christmas tree, and these ornaments take different forms, including highly artistic designs. We have compiled a list of easy holiday ornaments to make that are jusincredibly fun!   25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make 1) Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments If you want to spread the Christmas cheer at home, then you will […]

20 DIY Elegant Christmas Ornaments

While I love the idea of making things yourself, sometimes DIY projects can look a little homemade. If you want to create a more elegant Christmas look this year, you don’t have to buy all of your decorations from the store. There are plenty of DIY elegant Christmas ornaments and decorations you can make right at home that are way […]

4 Great DIY Christmas Ornaments

A favorite part of the holidays for many people is the decorating. You can have a lot of fun decorating your tree if you use Christmas ornaments that you decorated yourself. Here are some ideas for great DIY Christmas ornaments that you can easily whip up! Origami – There are many things you can make with origami but a good […]