Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas Guide for Parents

“Elf On The Shelf Ideas” is one of the most googled phrases as the holidays grow near. It is amazing how this little tradition has grown in popularity. There is nothing like realizing at six in the morning that you forgot to move that little bugger – and excited little eyes are about to realize that! Hopefully, this elf on […]

12 Top Elf On A Shelf Recipes

Hallie, our elf, has been joining us for almost ten years now! She arrives the day after Thanksgiving and leaves Christmas night…so that means we have enjoyed her company for about 270 days during our “relationship”. That is a lot of time to be creative and come up with fun and new ideas – at least ideas that are new […]

Elf Naughty Candy Moonshine

This drink recipe is perfect for a night in front of the fireplace or a movie & blanket kind of evening. It’s also a wonderful idea for work or family and friend parties during the holidays. While it does have to sit in the refrigerator for a full week before it can be served, it’s well worth the wait for […]

Elf On The Shelf Cookies

We are right in the middle of Elf on the Shelf season and wouldn’t you know it? This is the favorite recipe of the Elves of the North Pole!  Make sure you share this Elf On The Shelf Cookie recipe with your favorite elf fanatic and whip up a batch for Santa! You will need: 3 C flour 1 TBSP […]

Elf Munch Whimsical Snack Treat

Whether you have a holiday “Elf on a Shelf” that’s visiting your home or not, this sweet munchy treat is a great addition to this festive time of year. I’m sure our elf-hosting readers will find that the Elves will have No trouble at all coming up with a creative and fun way to present this snack for you. Elf […]

Festive and Fun Green Elf Slime

Does the Elf on your shelf bring a treat sometimes? Crazy goodies? Weird baubles? How about something wild and unexpected? Something Green, Glittery? What kid wouldn’t LOVE to have a slimey Elf gag-gift in a cute lil jar! I can just imagine the kid’s faces when they get up in the morning to discover a very Festive and absolutely FUN […]

Elf on the Shelf Daily Calendar

Our elf Hallie has been coming for several years now and Miss Sarah is eagerly awaiting her return. If you are new to the elf on the shelf game or are brain fried for ideas, we have a calendar for you!

Naughty Elf Peppermint Mocha Latte

This is one for the parents that help perpetuate the Elf on a Shelf Legacy — it’s a special naughty nightcap called Peppermint Mocha Latte. Well, it’s not really naughty but it is certainly not one for the kiddies. Coffee, Schnapps and more make this something that the kiddos should not partake in. Naughty Peppermint Mocha Latte Ingredients: 1 cup […]

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

I was chatting with a few friends and found out that they had no idea for what to do next with their elves…so I have a calendar of ideas to share! You will never be out of ideas again, feel free to print it off and hide for your own use — or pin it to your Pinterest page! Get […]

Elf on the Shelf Ideas For Stress Relief

If you have ever found yourself saying “What can I do with Elf on the shelf?” then this is the article for you! To help with some of that nightly stress relief, we have a simple calendar of ideas that you can use – from year to year if need be – that will take all of the guesswork out […]