Donald and Daisy Donuts Make the Day

Friends and family of all ages will love these holiday treats, especially Disney fans. What a great way to change up the “holiday goodies” around the house, and can you just imagine the little ones oohing and ahhhhing over the bright colors. Sure, we’ve all frosted plain treats and sprinkled some red/green icing or maybe even snowflake toppings.  We like […]

Olaf Rice Krispy Treats

Here is another fun treat for the Olaf clip at the bottom of this post – to celebrate “that time of year”. These Olaf Rice Krispy Treats are pretty easy to make and even better to eat! You will need: 1 box of rice krispy treats, unwrapped  2 bags of Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers 1 bag of m & […]

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Moose Dessert Cups

I love whimsical desserts and am totally in love with this candy mold! The possibilities are endless and this time we have whipped up Mickey Mouse Chocolate Moose Dessert Cups that look like Rudolph. 1 silicone shot glass mold (found at Michael’s) 16 oz Ghiradelli melting chocolate wafers, 16 wafers set aside for the ears 1 package of small edible […]

Mickey Mouse Swirl Cookies

They’re cute, festive and delicious! Share with friends, family and co-workers and you’re sure to put a smile on some faces this holiday season! Makes 24 cookies You will need:  1 C unsalted sweet cream butter, softened 1 1/2 C powder sugar 1 egg 2 tsp vanilla 2 1/2 C flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cream of tartar […]

Mickey Mouse Christmas Oreo Treats

I have mentioned before how I love using Oreos to decorate for treats! This time we turned them into Mickey and Minnie Mouse Oreo goodness — and it was pretty darned easy to do. Mickey Mouse Christmas Oreos Treats Serves: 24 Ingredients 1 package of double stuffed oreos 1 bag of mini oreos 1 bag of red candy melts cookie […]

Olaf Nutterbutter Treats

I am super excited about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! You will see a video clip after the recipe but this is my homage to the Disney cutie: Olaf Nutterbutter Treats You will need: 1 package of Nutterbutters 1 bag of Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers 1 package of large edible eyes 2 boxes of mike and Ike’s 1 tube of black […]

Beauty and the Beast Gifts for Women

The tale of Beauty and the Beast is as old as time, and this is the reason why we love Beauty and the Beast generation after generation. Disney is a master storyteller as they make stories that appeal to all ages, so the Beauty and the Beast gifts are also available for women and not just kids. Let us check […]