Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors: Low-Cost Ideas

When it comes to the holiday season, considering the perfect inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your neighbors can be a challenge. You want to show your appreciation for them while staying within your budget. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive neighbor Christmas gift ideas that you can consider. One great option is to make homemade treats, such as hot cocoa bombs […]

Easy Tips to Save Money on Christmas Cards

Save money on Christmas Cards? It’s that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner, and to some people, this can be a stressful time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on your cards to make this holiday season more enjoyable for you and your family. In today’s blog post we will discuss different ways […]

How to Set a Christmas Budget

December is a time of year that many people enjoy. It can also be an expensive time of year. How can you set a Christmas budget and still have the Christmas spirit? In this blog post, we will discuss Christmas budgets for every type of person. Let me be frank here: if you are struggling financially, Christmas is not the […]

How To Save Money During the Holidays

We all know the holidays can be a stressful time – and it only gets worse when you add a financial stress to it. Check out our ideas on how to save money during the holidays so you can simply sit back and enjoy the season with your firneds and family. How To Save Money During the Holidays The holidays […]

10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy? When Christmas approaches, we see our list of needed supplies grow, and there are only so many paychecks before the big day. We have talked about creating a budget before, and that is where this little conversation comes in. There are some things that you should put off buying, wait […]

10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas? It is that time of year again when the cheers of giving and receiving, family coming over, and others, live in the “reason for the season.” It is rare to find one person who not only loves the Christmas season but has made plans to live the most memorable […]

20 DIY Elegant Christmas Ornaments

While I love the idea of making things yourself, sometimes DIY projects can look a little homemade. If you want to create a more elegant Christmas look this year, you don’t have to buy all of your decorations from the store. There are plenty of DIY elegant Christmas ornaments and decorations you can make right at home that are way […]

How to Use Cash Back Apps for Christmas Next Year

Are you looking for some great shopping apps that can help you save money next Christmas? Fortunately, there are many options!   Here are some tips on how to use cash back apps for Christmas next year: Download a cash back app on your iPhone or Android device. Some examples of popular cash back apps include iBotta and Snap from […]

Easy Holiday Organization Ideas

One of the easiest ways to save money over the holidays is to simply write everything down! Having a planner of sorts can help to keep you organized, and that, in turn, helps you save money. Just check out the Easy Holiday Organization Ideas that we came up with for you. Easy Holiday Organization Ideas Step One: print off our […]