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Easy Holiday Organization Ideas

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One of the easiest ways to save money over the holidays is to simply write everything down! Having a planner of sorts can help to keep you organized, and that, in turn, helps you save money. Just check out the Easy Holiday Organization Ideas that we came up with for you.

sweet holiday printable christmas organizer

Easy Holiday Organization Ideas

Step One: print off our guide

If you really want to save money, you can print this off once, stick into plastic sheet protectors, and pop it into a binder. That way, you simply use write on/wipe off makers each holiday season. That keeps you from having to bookmark this and print it off year after year. Get your SWEET holiday printable set HERE –> sweet

Step Two: It’s in the cards

Let’s start with those holiday cards that are arriving — keep a list on who you get them from, so you can make sure to send them one and beat them to the punch NEXT year! If you aren’t getting one from a person you want to touch base with, add them to this list too! I have a simple system for keeping my list in order: the three strikes rule. I make little checks next to their name each year I send a card and do not get one in return. Three checkmarks next to their name? I cull them from the list and save the cost of the card and stamp. Christmas Card Planner and List

While you are at it, add Christmas Cards to your Christmas Clearance Shopping list. Buy them at 75% off instead of paying full price for them simply by shopping the day after Christmas. That is actually the day to also buy wrapping papper, tissue, ribbons and bows, and holiday decor.

Step Three: Plan you holiday baking

What do you want to make this year? Are there certain cookies you make every year? Are there some you only make once in a while? How about those holiday cookie gift baskets you are whipping up? You didn’t make it to a cookie exchange party and have a little baking to do this weekend? Let this help organize you AND all of your ingredients!

  1. Make a list of the recipes you want to make.
  2. Make a list of the ingredients you will need to bake those items.
  3. Figure out the order you will bake them in and fill out our Baking Planner sheet!

Christmas Holiday Baking TIme Sheet for Planning

Step Four: Wrap it up

Now… need gift tags for those last minute prezzies you are wrapping? Want to pop a note on a baked goods package?
Gotcha covered!

You have no need to run out and buy some, you can just print these babies off and you are all set.

Free Printable gift tags for you holiday presents

I LOVE to be organized and this is another simple pack to help you do that – and it’s FREE! I hope ou find it as useful as we dod, and it simplifies all of your holiday planning. Just in case you missed it: Get your SWEET holiday printable set HERE –> sweet

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