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How To Save Money During the Holidays

How To Save Money During the Holidays

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We all know the holidays can be a stressful time – and it only gets worse when you add a financial stress to it. Check out our ideas on how to save money during the holidays so you can simply sit back and enjoy the season with your firneds and family.


How To Save Money During the Holidays

The holidays are coming up quicker than most realize, and it’s preferable to avoid putting a dent in your budget! Many places don’t offer Christmas bonuses anymore, leaving you to spend all of your own money on Christmas purchases. If you’re wondering how to save money during the holidays, this guide should help!

First, it’s important to figure out where you’ll need to budget to save money during the holidays. If you’re planning on hosting large family get togethers, a big portion of your Christmas spending will be on food and entertainment. If you know that you’ll be hosting a large family dinner, start shopping around for sales early. Don’t wait until the last minute, as everything will be hugely marked up! If you plan to make lots of vegetable rich side dishes, it’s a good idea to shop your local farmer’s market for produce. Not only does it save you tons of money, but you’re also helping the local economy which is great!

Additionally, entertainment is usually a pretty big part of large holiday family get togethers! If you live somewhere where it snows, going anywhere might be less enticing, so you can count on building snowmen entertaining some of the younger kids, and plan activities at home or close to home to avoid the travels. If you live somewhere without snow, you might want to plan something outside of the home, but note that you can still have just as much fun at home with board games, “party” games, and more!

The biggest struggle you face trying to save money during the holidays isn’t necessarily avoiding certain splurges though. The biggest struggle is trying to actually set some aside in a savings account and not spend it at all! There are so many sales, Christmas presents, and things that make you want to splurge, that it can be extremely hard to set some aside and save. The key to save money during the holidays is to be absolutely realistic. If you’re normally able to save $150 a month, or even $100 a month, be realistic and only save what you know without a shadow of a doubt you won’t spend. If it’s only $40, or $20, save it anyway! While it doesn’t seem like saving $20 in a month is very much, it ultimately adds to your grand total and can really help in a pinch. It’s important to try to cut costs when you can, but saving is equally as important.

With that in mind, what things do you tend to splurge on during the holidays?

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