The Original Religious Christmas Ornaments: Chrismons

The Original Religious Christmas Ornaments: Chrismons

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What are Religious Christmas Ornaments? Well, Christmas is celebrated in many different forms and also named based on the region and culture practiced. Christians do various activities during this time, and one such is putting up Chrismon tree in their Church or centers of worship. It is an evergreen tree which is placed in Churches and dates back to 1957 when North American Lutherans first used it. However, it has spread to different Christian denominations like Anglicans, Methodists, and the Reformed.

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The original Christmas tree is a symbol of hope for Christians as it depicts the eternal life Jesus provides. On the contrary, the Chrismon tree is only decorated with clear lights and other ornaments (Chrismons) made of white and gold material. It is believed the two colors are the liturgical colors of the Christmas season. The decorations on the tree have a connection with Christ’s ministry, the Church history, and the Bible as they depict items He used or referred to, such as the Cross, the shepherd’s crook, shell, fish and the Dove. Chrismon is formed from the words “Christ” and “monograms” and means a representation or symbols of Christ.

All About Chrismons


A Christogram or as many calls it Christ Monogram is a combination of letters that are used to form an abbreviation for the name Jesus Christ. It is used traditionally as a religious symbol in most Christian Churches. There are several variants of monograms of Christ that were used in the medieval times, and to date, many Churches still have them emblemed on their walls or secret chambers. A monogram was formed from Christ’s name using Greek letters and symbols.

Why They are Made in Gold and White and Their Symbolism

Chrismons are usually made from gold and white material (silver is used occasionally) and are said to be so as these colors symbolize purity and majesty. Being that they are a representation of Christ’s work and ministry, the highest regard is placed on creating them. But what do these symbols mean? There are several different items used, and they do have different meanings that one can relate to. Here are a few of the symbols and what they mean:

The Lamb

The lamb represents Christ Himself as He is often referred to as “The Lamb of God” or as “The Sacrificial Lamb” as noted in the New Testament of the Christian Holy Book. The lamb represents a humble and peaceful character, which Christ is for believers.

The Star

Stars are big in Religious Christmas Ornaments. There are different types of stars that are used on the Chrismon tree and have different meanings. The types of stars include:

  • The Nativity Star. This start represents Epiphany and is the symbol used to describe the guiding light that led the Wisemen to the place where Jesus was born. It is also called the Star of Bethlehem.
  • V.D.M.A. Six-Pointed Star. This star means “Verbum Dei Manet in Aeternum,” which means “The Word of God Endures Forever.”
  • The Star of David. This star is sometimes called the Star of Creation and is a representation that Jesus is from a Jewish background and is a descendant of King David.
  • 8-Point Star. Regeneration is a strong emphasis when it comes to Christianity, and the Eight-Point Star symbolizes this through baptism. The star also represents the Kingdom of God.
  • 5-Point Star. The Five-Point Star is there to remind Christians and represent the five wounds Jesus received during the crucifixion.
Chrismons: The Original Religious Christmas Ornaments 5 pointed star ornament


The shell is a reminder for Christians about baptism and the connection to the water they were baptized in. Also, the shell represents a sign of Pilgrimage as during the time the believers went on their Pilgrims in Israel (Holy Land), they used the shell as their “cup” for drinking water.


Many different crosses are included in the Chrismons collection. However, the core symbolism of the Cross is to remind Christians that Christ died on the Cross for their sins. You can’t have Religious Christmas Ornaments without that concept. The cross collection includes:

  • Fusileea Cross. This Cross is mostly fused with the Alpha and Omega and is a symbol to remind Christians that Jesus is the beginning and the end.
  • Gospels and Patee Cross. This Cross is designed with eight points and is a representation of the beatitudes found in St. Matthew 5:3-10. The four golden scrolls layered around the Cross represent the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (that documents our salvation through Jesus Christ).
  • Chi Rho Cross. The first letters in the Greek word for Christ are P.X. (Christogram) and have the Alpha and Omega symbols hanging from it.
  • Celtic Cross. This Cross has a circle positioned around it and signifies eternity. The Celtic Cross is mostly seen on the cover of hymnals and other Christian songbooks.
  • Anchor Cross. The Anchor cross is a representation of Christ’s strength and stability and reminds Christians that Christ is their anchor of faith.
  • Jerusalem Cross. The Jerusalem cross was popular among crusaders who were on missions to Jerusalem during earlier times. It has various significance to include representing the Four Gospels in the Bible, the spreading of the gospel throughout the world as well as the five wounds Christ received during the crucifixion.
  • Triumphant Cross. This Cross gives the assurance that Christ is powerful and triumphant over everything one can face on this Earth as the Cross is positioned atop Earth.
  • Latin Cross. The Latin Cross bears flowers, which are for Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the Latin Cross itself, which is also known as The Roman Cross, is a reminder for Christians that Christ died for them. Also, the Cross bears a shepherd’s crook, a triangle to represent the Trinity and Alpha, and at the bottom of the Cross is the symbol representing Omega.
Chrismons: The Original Religious Christmas Ornaments white and gold cross Chrismon


The crown represents the fact that Jesus Christ is the King of the Earth and the ruler over everything on the planet. The crown may be represented in the form of an entwined circle of torn to show love to Christ for dying on the Cross.


The angels are the spirits God created to worship Him as well as they were used as messengers to bring messages from God to those He wanted to hear. Some of these messages include telling the prophet and the world about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ. One angel, in particular, can be seen decked in armor and a sword, Archangel Michael, who was the chief of God’s armies.


The Dove is one of the most popularly used symbols as it represents purity and innocence. Also, the Dove is the representation of the Holy Spirit and is used as a reminder for Christians that God was present during the water baptism of Jesus Christ.


This candle Chrismon represents the idea that Jesus Christ is the light of the world and should always stand out and overpower the darkness.


The Chalice is used to symbolize the Lord’s Supper as it was during that time, Christ shared and ate with His disciples.


The fish is by far one of the oldest Christian symbols, and the letters in Greek (for fish) spells Jesus (I), Christ (X), God (Q), Son (Y), Savior (S). It was used as a form of belief that Jesus was with them amidst being persecuted. Also, the disciples of Christ were fishermen.


The white rose is a representation of purity and can also be a stand-in for Mary, the mother of Jesus.


The Triangle represents the Triune – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It represents the oneness of God.

Many other Chrismons are used and have symbolic meaning for Christians, but those listed here are the most commonly used for Religious Christmas Ornaments.

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