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Reindeer Noses — A Sweet Gift!

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Reindeer Noses Horizontal Shot

These make a great gift idea for teachers, neighbors, coaches, coworkers and scout leaders!

Items Needed

Items Needed:

  • Glue or hot glue (hot glue will work best)
    Mason Jars (I used pint size)
    Brown pipe cleaners
    Construction paper
    Googley eyes
    Whoppers candy
    Red gum balls

Clean the mason jars with soapy water and allow them to dry.
Find a portion of the Mason jar with no writing on it and glue on your googley eyes and gum ball nose so your reindeer has a face.

In Process 1

Fill your jar with Whoppers and sporadically add in a red gum ball for Rudolph.

In Process 2
Take 1 pipe cleaner and cut into 3 equal parts.

In Process 3

Glue one part of the pipe cleaner onto each side of the lid for his antler.

In Process 4

Take your remaining piece of pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Take that small piece and twist it around his antler to make his horns. Repeat for the other side.

In Process 5

Close up your jar and add some cute ribbon around the top of the jar and top it off with these oh so cute Reindeer Noses labels. I simply printed these off and attached them to some brown construction paper to make a gift tag.

Reindeer Noses Final 3

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Reindeer Nose Labels

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