FREE Printable: Santa’s Red & Gold Garland

Here is another fun and SIMPLE project that you can do with the kiddos. This time of year is all about creating memories with them that they will keep with them forever…it’s those special moments that they will look back on fondly. Garland Directions: Print out page, cut pictures into squares. Thread fishing line through each picture, interlinking the photos. […]

Peppermint Oreo Pops Make for A Fun Treat

Ever needed a holiday host gift or wanted to do something special for a family you are close to? It can be a challenge to fit that bill, but these Peppermint Oreo Pops should do just the trick. They look just like those seasonal peppermint candies, but are just whimsically covered Oreos on a stick. Yes, they take a little […]

Gifts for Bacon Lovers!

These gifts for bacon lovers are for my sister. And my husband. And my BFF. And my oldest brother. And…oh what the heck, who doesn’t like bacon – right? It is totally the candy of meats. Here is a gift round up for that bacon lover(s) in your family! Enjoy~ If you love putting sauce on almost everything, then you […]

Elf on the Shelf Ideas For Stress Relief

If you have ever found yourself saying “What can I do with Elf on the shelf?” then this is the article for you! To help with some of that nightly stress relief, we have a simple calendar of ideas that you can use – from year to year if need be – that will take all of the guesswork out […]

Gluten FREE Gift Guide Sure Fire Winners!

My sister is gluten-free, and I know a few of you are dealing with Gluten-Free lifestyles! A gluten-free gift guide was a necessity for our family that just didn’t “get it”. There really are a lot of options now, compared to just a few years ago! Our Gluten FREE Gift Guide What can I put in a gluten-free gift basket? […]

Use Leftover Candy Canes to Make Valentine Suckers

It’s a no-brainer to buy holiday clearance items the day or two after the holiday has passed…usually, they are lined up to get cards, gift bags, wrapping paper and more for NEXT year at rock bottom prices. Use Leftover Candy Canes to Make Valentine Suckers and you have a gluten free class treat that cost pennies on the dollar! They […]

Make Rudolph Candy!!

There is no secret that I love reindeer and Rudolph? He might not be the man-in-charge like Dasher is but he often comes in to save the day. That is why Rudolph gets imortalized in songs, books and even has his own movie! This Rudolph candy is perfect when enjoying any of those with the littles! Even better? Make this […]

How to Make Snowman Candy Bars

Snowman Candy Bars? Having a summer birthday often means Miss Sarah gets to celebrate her birthday at school in the middle of winter. We like easy to make treats that are both thrifty and fun with snowmen often fit the bill. That’s why I was happy to share How to Make Snowman Candy Bars with you as they were a […]

Affordable Christmas Gifts for the Man in Your Life

If you’ve begun to shop for Christmas gifts for the man in your life you might be finding it rather challenging to find a gift he will really like! Depending on what he looks forward to receiving, sometimes it’s either easy or difficult to come up with an original gift that he desires and won’t expect. Plus, if your goal […]

December Daily – Teacher’s Gifts

One person that can’t be ignored is your child’s teacher!! If you have never had the opportunity to help out in one of your child’s classrooms — you are missing an eye opening experience! These people are WAAAAAY underpaid! Last year we made paper wreaths and had gift cards tucked in them, this year it’s a paper mini back pack! The […]