Make Rudolph Candy!!

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There is no secret that I love reindeer and Rudolph? He might not be the man-in-charge like Dasher is but he often comes in to save the day. That is why Rudolph gets imortalized in songs, books and even has his own movie! This Rudolph candy is perfect when enjoying any of those with the littles!

Make Rudolph Candy!!

Even better? Make this a fun family activity, whipping up a batch of this candy to honor him before a dip into a book or movie. What a great and frugal family night!

How To Make Rudolph Candy!!

This really is super easy, and very inexpensive if you get the ingredients at a place like Farm N Fleet.  Why not make a large batch to share with friends? Enjoy!

All you need is Pretzel twists, almond bark, and holiday M&Ms!

Dab white chocolate in bottom 1/2 of each twist to form eyes and nose. Then take 1 pretzel twist and break evenly in half, put on the top edge of 2 eyes to make the antlers. Put a green M&M in each eye and a red on bottom dab to make a nose. Cool to set.

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