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What Do Husbands Want For Christmas?

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What Do Husbands Want For Christmas? A few weeks ago I asked my girlfriend’s husband what men want for Christmas? I was really surprised by his response so I asked if he could do a post for me instead. Maybe she is just really lucky to have such a thoughtful husband, or maybe they are all secretly this way, I don’t know but it appears as though men enjoy the thought behind the gift as much as we do:

assorted christmas pictures about what a husband might want for the holiday

“What do husbands want for Christmas?”

When I was asked this question my first thought that came to mind is a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Soon after that thought, I snap back to reality. As a guy I usually just take the easy out and say “You don’t have to buy me anything”. But I know this is not the answer you are looking for but it did buy me a few more minutes to think about what I could really use for Christmas…

It could be that I am a humble man, but some of the small gifts from my family are the ones that stay in your memories forever. When my Wife and I were a young couple with two little kids, they bought a watch for me. I wore that watch everyday until the leather band broke. I remember being upset about the watch breaking. Not because of the watch itself, but because every time I looked at the watch it reminded me of the happiness and smiles on their face when they gave it to me.

I have a personal box in my closet that is full of the cards and homemade items that my family made for me. I should probable place this box into a safe because this treasure chest holds the most important personal items I own. Yes the broken watch is in this box. My point, it’s not the cost of the gift, but the memories that are associated with it. Sure a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster would be an awesome gift. But I must say that I would not take that Lamborghini over the memories in that box sitting in my closet.

My advice, take that one thing your guy is truly passionate about and buy or make something small related to his passion. Take the time to make the moment he opens it be what he thinks of every time he sees the gift.

So, if I am understanding him correctly, it isn’t just the gift itself that he will remember, but the moment that surrounded giving the gift and the thoughtfulness involved in selecting it too.

What are you giving your husband this year for Christmas?

Do you have a special moment planned to give it to him?


Miss Sarah and I do the “12 days of Chistmas” for my hubby – and spend the entire year scoping out exactly the right things. This year’s list had everything from a Leg Lamp Ornament (Christmas Story is his favorite movie) to a Elf Yourself Story Maker…that created an evening of family giggles. I can’t share it all, because we are still in the middle of it all, but it is the moments you create that make the magic.

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    • Well, I have to say that I think the fella from the post is pretty unique as far as guys I know are concerned. I don’t know many (any?) guys who keep mementos in a box. That’s definitely more the ladies.

      I think that’s very sweet that the guy referenced above does that and I hope he will always care about those moments more than things! Unfortunately, I just happen not to know any fellas like that.

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