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FREE Printable: Santa’s Red & Gold Garland

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Here is another fun and SIMPLE project that you can do with the kiddos. This time of year is all about creating memories with them that they will keep with them forever…it’s those special moments that they will look back on fondly.

Santa's Red & Gold Garland

Garland Directions:

Print out page, cut pictures into squares. Thread fishing line through each picture, interlinking the photos. Hang on or around Christmas tree, add to stairwell, or hang across doorways. Most of all enjoy the Holidays!

This can also be used as gift tags on your prezzies — still cut them apart, but fold them in half (with the outside being the printed image) and you put the info on the inside. Just tape to the package.

Download it HERE –>Santa_Red_&_Gold_Christmas_Garland

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