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12 Top Elf On A Shelf Recipes

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Hallie, our elf, has been joining us for almost ten years now! She arrives the day after Thanksgiving and leaves Christmas night…so that means we have enjoyed her company for about 270 days during our “relationship”. That is a lot of time to be creative and come up with fun and new ideas – at least ideas that are new to our own family.

Elf Treats Left For Us

One of the things that Miss Sarah had reacted to the most over the years, was when we made an “elf” recipe together and left the treat for Hallie.. . or when she, has made recipes for us. She has left us mini pancakes for breakfast – perfectly elf sized!

12 Top Elf on a Shelf Recipes

Miss Sarah has also woken up to find that her elf has been busy all night making her special cookies…

Hmmm, I think I understand now why Miss Sarah doesn’t really like Peanut Blossoms anymore… weird!

Now, we have also made Elf inspired recipes, for both littles and adults alike. Various Moonshine drinks or fun munchables have all been a tasty, and yet festive treat. We have done a quick round up  for you of our favorites, from both us and a few of our friends.

12 Top Elf On A Shelf Recipes:

Elf Naughty Candy Moonshine

This one isn’t for the littles, but had to make our Elf On A Shelf Recipes list because sometimes? Mom and Dad just need a little seasonal nip!

Elf On The Shelf Cookies

Cookies are always a hit – and these can be made to leave for Santa! Make it a family event to bake and decorate them.

Elf Munch Whimsical Snack Treat

This is a great treat for sharing with a crowd! It’s also amazing to whip up and enjoy as a family while watching a great seasonal film.

Festive and Fun Green Elf Slime

This is great for the littles howneed the tactile reassurement that only slime can bring. Who doesn’t love that squishy feeling between their fingers?

Naughty Elf Peppermint Mocha Latte

OK, here is another one for the adults. Peppermint. Mocha. Latte. Need we say more?

Elf Poop – White Chocolate Haystack Recipe

Elf poop – that just sounds funny when you say it! This certainly dosn’t taste like crap and is worth the taste test!

Elf on the Shelf Oreo Cookie Balls

OREO. Cookie. Balls. With a little seasonal twist from your elf. Who can resists that?

Elf on the Shelf Mini Cookies

Elf sized cookies! That only means you have to eat a few more of them than you normally would, but that is OK – they taste fantastic!

Cherry LimeAid Elf-Tail

Elf Cocktail! This one is great for the littles, tht is why we call it an elf-tail, not a cocktail! Serve it while watching Will Farrell’s classic holiday movie.

Elf on the Shelf Roll Out Sugar Cookies

Cookies and elves. That sounds like the perfect combination for Sanat to be happy!

Elf on the Shelf Donut Recipe

Elf donuts! What a great surprise to leave out for the littles in the morning.

Elf Cake Mix Crinkle Cookie

Cake mixes can help make things a little quicker to make, but these crinkle cookies wuld be a great afternoon project with the littles!

If you find yourself looking for other ideas to keep your elf busy over the next month, just check out the calendars of ideas we have shared over the years:

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