Donald and Daisy Donuts Make the Day

Donald and Daisy Donuts Make the Day

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Friends and family of all ages will love these holiday treats, especially Disney fans. What a great way to change up the “holiday goodies” around the house, and can you just imagine the little ones oohing and ahhhhing over the bright colors. Sure, we’ve all frosted plain treats and sprinkled some red/green icing or maybe even snowflake toppings.  We like making things cute and fun and festive. But this? This is festively FUN and pleasantly awesome to look at. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures of these yummy Donald and Daisy Donuts. You probably won’t be the only one wanting to share how great they look and taste.

Donald and Daisy Donuts Make the Day

Donald and Daisy Donuts Make the Day

You will need:

1 box of glazed hostess mini doughnettes
1 package of ghiradelli white chocolate wafers
1 bag of royal blue candy melts
1 bag of purple candy melts
1 tube of yellow cookie icing
1 tube of blue cookie icing
1 tube of red cookie icing
1 tube of black cookie icing
1 package of Wilton royal icing bows
1 container of Wilton Holly Melody sprinkles
1 cookie sheet fitted with parchment or wax paper


Using a double boiler, melt the white chocolate and mix occasionally until smooth. Split the package of donuts in half so that you can do one character at a time!

Once the white chocolate is melted, dip the doughnut half way into the chocolate. Lightly shake the donut to get rid of extra chocolate.

Place onto the cookie sheet to harden while you melt the royal blue candy melts. Once candy melts are melted dip the other half of the donut into the chocolate. Place back onto the cookie sheet and repeat step with remaining donuts that are going to be used for Donald.

Once all of the doughnuts for Donald are done, wash out the pot and start to melt the purple for Daisy. Once all the Daisy donuts have been dipped, place onto cookie sheet to completely harden.

Add a small dollop of purple candy melt to the back of a bow and place onto the middle top part for Daisy. Using a pair of tweezers, carefully place the holly leaves and red sprinkles for the berries into all the doughnuts.

Using the yellow cookie icing, add a squiggly line onto the purple for Daisy. Let completely dry. Using the red cookie icing, pipe on a small bow onto the middle of the blue for Donald’s signature bow tie.

Using the yellow cookie icing, pipe on a line going from the corner of the bow to the top corner where the blue chocolate and white chocolate meet. Using the blue cookie icing, pipe on his hat.

Using the black cookie icing, pipe on a line under his hat and to the side of his hat. Let dry completely before enjoying!!!

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