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20 DIY Elegant Christmas Ornaments

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While I love the idea of making things yourself, sometimes DIY projects can look a little homemade. If you want to create a more elegant Christmas look this year, you don’t have to buy all of your decorations from the store. There are plenty of DIY elegant Christmas ornaments and decorations you can make right at home that are way cheaper and way better than anything you’ll find at Pottery Barn! You can still make your own decorations, without sacrificing any of the store quality you would have gotten if you bought it from a store! Here are 20 DIY elegant Christmas decoration ideas.

20 DIY Elegant Christmas Decorations

20 DIY Elegant Christmas Ornaments

Pinecone & Cork Christmas Trees

The DIY project is great for kids who love nature crafts and imaginative play. Made with pine cones, and recycled wine cork, this Christmas tree looks great when paired with a Christmas village.

Learn how to make Pinecone & Cork Christmas Trees here

Christmas Lantern

Are you looking for cheap and natural Christmas decorations? Then this DIY Christmas Lantern is the right answer for you as it will illuminate your home this festive season.

Learn how to make Christmas Lantern here

Wooden Board Snowman

This wooden board snowman adds a rustic delight to your existing Christmas decorations. It is quite easy to make and super affordable.

Learn how to make Wooden Board Snowman here

Topiary Christmas Trees

A DIY that comes out looking like an expensive craft that is pretty furgal to make? This DIY Topiary Christmas tree is an excellent example of that!

Learn how to make Topiary Christmas Tree here

DIY Snow Globe

A little time, creativity, and a Mason jar will get you one of these cute DIY snow globes.

Learn how to make DIY Snow Globe here

Holiday Wreath

You can get your home in the perfect yuletide spirit with this easy DIY Holiday wreath project!

Learn how to make Holiday Wreath here

Tea light Snowman Ornament

Simple to make, yet adorable, these tea light snowman ornaments are going to melt your heart when you see how their carrot noses light up.

Learn how to make Tea light Snowman Ornament here

DIY Glitter Pinecones

Pinecones go naturally with fir trees, and are perfect as a holiday crafting material. The glitter dresses these pinecones up into a beautiful piece of holiday décor.

Learn how to make DIY Glitter Pinecones here

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Did you know that you can make a beautiful natural Christmas tree with the help of a bag of pine cones?

Learn how to make Pinecone Christmas Tree here

Wooden Christmas Tree

If you are looking for an alternative, eco-friendly Christmas tree, then look no further! These wooden Christmas trees have a unique look.

Learn how to make Wooden Christmas Tree here

Christmas Wall Art

This is a fun and affordable Christmas wall art idea. Start watching for sale pricing on a large canvas for this project, you have time.

Learn how to make Christmas Wall Art here

Cork Angel Ornament

This corn angel is a sweet homemade idea, and issuper easy to make. You can easily present them as gifts during the holiday season.

Learn how to make Cork Angel Ornament here

Clay Ornaments

Clay ornaments allow you to add a rustic touch to the Christmas tree. If you want your tree to look unique, and different, then go for this project!

Learn how to make Clay Ornaments here

Wooden Block Snowman

Bring some life to a wooden block by creating a beautiful snowman. It is easy to make and a fun decoration.

Learn how to make Wooden Block Snowman here

Hanging Christmas Card Holder

If you need to showcase all the lovely Christmas cards that you have received in the season, this hanging Christmas card holder is an exciting DIY project.

Learn how to make Hanging Christmas Card Holder here

Jingle Bell Ornaments

You might think Sanat is drawing near when you bump the tree if you have these jingle bell ornaments decorating it. They help cast a warm glow when added next to the light strings!

Learn how to make Jingle Bell Ornaments here

Clay Pot Toy Soldier

These cute clay pot toy soldiers are a subtle nood to the Nutcracker. How large an army will you make?

Learn how to make Clay Pot Toy Soldier here

Christmas Present Topiaries

Want to add a festive touch to the front of your home? These Christmas present topiaries are just about the perfect project when looking at DIY elegant Christmas ornaments .

Learn how to make Christmas Present Topiaries here

Burlap Christmas Trees

Burlap is hot right now and this is a unique DIY project to jump into this craze. Just look at how stunning these are!

Learn how to make Burlap Christmas Trees here

Evergreen Pots

You can bring in the Christmas cheer by adding a little Evergreen Pot joy to your decor. These would be super cute on a mantle!

Learn how to make Evergreen Pots here

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