Delicious Fall Apple Fritter Moonshine

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Fall means hayrides, pumpkin patches and picking apples! It is the perfect time for our Delicious Fall Apple Fritter Moonshine.

Delicious Fall Apple Fritter Moonshine

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly come up with another use for apples in the kitchen, we bring you another “moonshine” to tickle your taste buds.

Little bit of apple, some cider and cinnamon. Sounds great, right? Add Simple syrup, cupcake syrup and Everclear and you’ve got a winning combo of flavors that will make you glad you took our advice and doubled this recipe. Go ahead and make this wonderful drink now so you can enjoy it next month, because that’s how long it must sit, in a cool and dry place, while you wait to try it. Planning a get-together or a party? Get out the box of Mason Jars and get busy. Your guests will thank you. This one’s unforgettable.

P.S. Double the recipe so you can share this incredible fun flavored drink!

Apple Fritter Moonshine
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Dannelle Gay
  • 8 Green apples, diced
  • 4 cups of apple cider
  • 4 tsp. Simple syrup ( 1tsp. in each jar )
  • 4 cinnamon sticks ( 1 in each jar )
  • 2 cups Everclear ( 1/2 cup in each jar )
  • 4 tsp. cupcake syrup ( 1 tsp. in each jar )
  • 4 Mason Jars
  1. Divide apples and cinnamon sticks evenly between the jars.
  2. Add your cupcake syrup and simple syrup into each jar.
  3. Pour your moonshine into the mason jars.
  4. Place lids on jars and allow to sit in a cool, dry place for 1 month before enjoying.
  5. Pour through a strainer layered with a cheesecloth to remove apples and any pieces of the cinnamon sticks.
  6. Discard the fruit and cinnamon sticks.
  7. Replace the moonshine back in the jars.
  8. Enjoy!


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