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Create an Annual Holiday Tradition with Ornaments

Create an Annual Holiday Tradition with Ornaments

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My mom is the one I credit for this concept as she did it for us. Every year, she got us kids ornaments that some how captured the concept of the year for each of us. It had the date on it and our name. One year I had a flute because I was in a flute quartet. One year a pair of ballet shoes because it was my first year of dance classes. One year I received Oscar the Grouch because I had met some Sesame Street characters.

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When I tuned eighteen and moved out, I had my own box of ornaments for my first tree. After adding a few lights, I was really pretty proud of my small tree and was less homesick than I could have been.

Over the years, I have still added to my ornament collection, but still look fondly at my original set as we decorate the tree each year. I hold the ornaments, fondly remember my childhood, and revel in the feelings that you can only experience during the holiday time.

THAT is the tradition that I  have maintained for Miss Sarah.

Every year, since she was born, I have gotten her an ornament. A Nutcracker Soldier the first year she danced in the professional production. Ballet slippers the year she started dancing. A violin when she started in orchestra.

This simple tradition was what had me so excited to partner with! They have an incredibly large selection of ornaments that you can choose from and they personalize them! This year they gifted me with a blonde soccer player in green, and personalized it with Miss Sarah’s name as well as the year. It was a toss up between that and something to commemorate her first stamp in her passport with our trip to Germany this summer. I was surprised at how quickly it came and how well it was packaged to prevent any breakage during shipping!

I chose this as it was her first time trying British Soccer Camp and, at first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay. She hung with it though and totally enjoyed herself – even asking to go again next year. I felt that it will remind her to stick with a new idea and see how it plays out, to not quit before she has really started.

I can only hope that when she is decorating a tree with her kids some day, that she fondly remembers the childhood we created for her, and that she continues the tradition with her young family.

Say you have children and want to do this, but you haven’t started yet?

Review the past years with your partner, go to and have them help you fill in those blanks! It is so incredibly fun to watch Miss Sarah carefully place her memories on our family tree, of course, I got her an ornament storage box of her own – on clearance after the holiday. Or check out these 25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make.

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