Vodka Cranberry Ginger Ale Cocktail

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Seasonal. Festive. Flavorful. This Vodka Cranberry Ginger Ale Cocktail is a treat for the senses and make use of the abundant holiday fruit: the cranberry.


The name, cranberry, derives from the German, kraanbere (English translation, craneberry), first named as cranberry in English by the missionary John Eliot in 1647. Around 1694, German and Dutch colonists in New England used the word, cranberry, to represent the expanding flower, stem, calyx, and petals resembling the neck, head, and bill of a crane. The traditional English name for the plant more common in Europe, Vaccinium oxycoccos, fenberry, originated from plants with small red berries found growing in fen (marsh) lands of England.

The Lenni-lenape Indians of New Jersey called the cranberry “Pakim” meaning ‘bitter berry.’ They used this wild red berry as a part of their food and as a symbol of peace and friendship. The Chippawas called the cranberry “a’ni-bimin,” the Alogonquin called it “atoqua,” and the Naragansetts called it “sasemineash.” Native Americans would eat it raw, mixed in with maple sugar, or with deer meat (as a dried “Pemmican”).

Now? These tart and low cal berries are a staple for the holidays that ends up in everything from baked goods to salads. Why not add them to a drink?

Vodka Cranberry Ginger Ale Cocktail

You will need:
3 oz cranberry juice
1 oz vodka
1 oz peppermint vodka
splash Ginger Ale
Cranberries for garnish
Candy cane stick
Mix together cranberry juice and vodka.
Pour over a ice.
Top with cranberries, candy cane and a splash of ginger ale.

A few fun cranberry facts:

  • Native Americans used the cranberries as a staple as early as 1550.
  • Berry picking begins in early September and continues until late October. …
  • There are 46 calories in 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cranberries.
  • Cranberry juice is usually sweetened or blended with other fruit juices to reduce its natural tartness.

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