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Christmas Baking Tips For Baking With Kids

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These Christmas baking tips for baking with kids will help you to manage making tons of delicious treats with the kids underfoot. Classic sugar cookies, homemade fudge, edible holiday ornaments and more can be made with easy when you work with kids. Follow these Christmas baking tips to make your upcoming holiday baking days a fun and easy time with your kids.

Christmas Baking Tips For Baking With Kids

Get them their own apron. To set up your kids for baking success, the best tip is to make them feel like they really are a part of the kitchen crew. Buying kid sized aprons for them is a great way to get started. It’s a fun and perhaps frivolous expense, but it will give your kids something to help them prepare for the fun times ahead baking holiday cookies and treats.

Assign everyone a task. Kids will want to do everything, but if you want your recipe to turn out correct, you’ll have to do a lot of supervising. When working with more than one child on a recipe, assign each child a job. One will work with just dry products, and the other will work with just wet ingredients. Perhaps they will each get a chance to stir together a recipe, or cut out cookies. Just make sure everyone knows what their job is before you start working. This will help eliminate break downs, frustrations and jealous during the Christmas baking process.

Measure before you mix. Instead of measuring ingredients as you go along, it is really important to measure everything out before you start mixing up the recipe. This will help make it easier for kids to help with adding ingredients to the mixer, and will keep your kitchen a bit neater as you go along.

Create an assembly line. This is by far the best of the Christmas baking tips I have to share with you. Creating an assembly line will keep raw ingredients and cooked ingredients separate. It will also make it easy to monitor what your kids are doing, and if they need your assistance. It also helps with kids being jealous of who is doing what during the cooking process. When everyone has a place on the line, they all feel like they are a part of the project.

Don’t do too many things at once. A long day of Christmas baking sounds like a great weekend project, but it can really become too much when you have kids involved in the process. Instead of taking on twenty recipes in one day, narrow it down to a handful of the best kid friendly recipes and work on each separately. Once you have one recipe complete, move on to the next. Working with kids in the kitchen is not always the best time to test your multi-tasking abilities.

These Christmas baking tips for baking with kids will make your holiday baking days great memories with your children. You’ll have fun teaching them family recipes, and they will love being able to say they made the cookies you are sharing with friends and family.

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