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Best Gift Ideas For Wannabe Computer Programmers

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You may be wondering why I would include a list of best gift ideas for wannabe computer programmers.  The truth is, so many are learning more about STEM and STEAM in school today.  That means that learning how to program is something we should be encouraging our children to do.  This list of gift ideas is perfect for the beginner or novice to learn how to program, or for a skilled programmer to enjoy some cool gifts that might make them smile.

Best Gift Ideas For Computer Programmers, or those who want to become programmers! This list is full of great tools, books, & fun gifts for any programmer!

Best Gift Ideas For Wannabe Computer Programmers

Books and Guides:  These are great beginner guidebooks that are ideal for teaching a new programmer or someone who has never programmed before.  The focus of this list is on more popular programming languages and uses in things like apps, websites, and games.

Programming: Computer Programming For Beginners

Cracking The Code: 189 Programming Questions & Solutions

Beginning Programming All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

C Programming:  A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Learning C Programming in 7 Days

Python Programming: Step by Step Instructions For Beginner’s

Teach Your Kids To Code:  A Parent-Friendly Guide To Python Programming

Programming For The Absolute Beginner

HTML: Programmin Guide – Learn In 1 Day

A Smarter Way To Learn Javascript

Think Like A Programmer:  An Introduction To Creative Problem Solving

Hello World!  Computer Programming For Kids & Other Beginners

Boards and Accessories:  Not only can you learn how to program on your computer, but you may find that it is more fun to use those new skills for something fun.  There are two popular computer boards that are popular for helping learn hands-on programming. The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino are some of the favorites to use when learning.  You can do everything from using it as a calculator to creating a robot from them.  These accessories below are ideal for those purposes and are some of the best gift ideas for beginning programmers.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Kit For Dummies

37 Modules Sensor Kit For Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi RetroPie Emulation Station (Gaming System)

Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit

37 Sensor Module Kit For Arduino

Apparel and Fun Things:  For all of those people in your life that you need some of the best gift ideas for, you likely have a list of fun items or apparel that will make them smile.  Computer programmers are no different.  While the jokes may not make sense to you, we guarantee this list of fun items can be perfect for gifting to your favorite programmer.

Eat. Sleep. Code Coffee Mug

Linux Is User-Friendly Coffee Mug

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer Coffee Mug

It’s Not A Bug It’s An Undocumented Feature T-Shirt

6 Stages Of Debugging T-Shirt

10 Reason To Date A Programmer T-Shirt

I Don’t Always Test My Code, But when I do, I do it in Production T-Shirt

Eat. Sleep. Code T-Shirt

Command Prompt Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Will Code For Food Magnet

If you know a wannabe computer programmer or you already know someone who can code anything, this list of the best gift ideas is the place to begin your shopping.  Birthday, special occasion, and holiday gifts are made easier with these great suggestions.

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