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All About Operation Christmas Child

All About Operation Christmas Child

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Christmas is a time of cheers and giving, and the more smiles you get from the season, the warmer your hearts will become. There are many ways to offer your services at Christmas, whether through your time or what you have to offer physically (food, clothing, etc.). You can choose to be a good Samaritan on your own, or you can choose to help through the many foundations they have. Either way, the gift of giving is what makes the season much better. For years, many charitable initiatives that have impacted the lives of both young and old all around the world. Today I want to talk about Operation Christmas Child, also known as the Shoebox Project. But what is this project all about, and what is the purpose of it?

All about operation christmas child

What Is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a project run under Samaritan’s Purse. It has connected with multiple Churches across the world, especially in developing nations, in a bid to connect with needy children as well as to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. It sees through persons filling shoeboxes with gifts that would benefit the lives of these children to include food, clothes, toys, and much more. The project started small and is now a yearly move that many continue to support. We may consider it an act of evangelism and discipleship program that many persons have lauded as excellent. Children all around the world live with the hardship they never desired would be a part of their whole existence. From diseases to wars, disasters, and even famine.

Understand The Shoebox Operation

Operation Christmas Child first started in 1990 by Dave and Jill Cooke, who live in England. It went on for three good years with much success until partnering with Samaritan’s Purse. That year, they successfully assisted over 28,000 children. Since then, that number has grown to close 200 million within the last 25+ years and extended to over 100 countries. They choose the idea of a shoebox as they saw it as a tangible way of giving. It was a proactive way of using the simplest methods to make a significant impact.  

Many people are of the idea that these shoeboxes are sent miles across the world. But, of course, we do have persons who would want to know directly where the boxes go. The project operators have made it a point of duty to be transparent in the way they run the organization. So, they are open as to being honest where your boxes go.

When shoeboxes are delivered, the children are invited to join another program that operates under the charity known as The Greatest Journey. This program is a 12-lesson disciple program that teaches them about God and how important building and maintaining relationships with those around you are. However, please note this initiative is not a means of imposing one’s religion on anyone but only showing a cause of love. Bear in mind the volunteers in each country understand the rules and laws, and though some do not allow texts to be delivered, they still allow the issuing of the gifts.

When the gifts reach the main centers (usually around Thanksgiving), they are shipped out to various count and depending on shipping guidelines, some may arrive in time for Christmas. However, because some areas are farther than others and some of the gifts have to be transported by ships, it may reach some areas around Spring. Though Christmas may have been out, it still brings satisfaction and joy for those on the receiving end of the items.

Packing The Boxes

The boxes are general shoe boxes, whether cardboard or plastic, as well as they, can be ordered from the foundation at an affordable cost (the monies they use to help offset the effective operation of the foundation). They have specific guidelines that one must follow when packing as select items may or may not be added as well as based on where it is going.

However, general items like non-perishable food kinds, clothing, sanitary projects, and hygiene products are allowed. Once packed, you could download labeling with a $9 donation, which the foundation uses to cover the cost of collecting, storing, and shipping the boxes to the various countries. The monetary donations also go towards the production of the booklets, which goes out with each package. The volunteers in each country may open gifts when received but only for the sole purposes of removing the items banned from being sent out. However, the items removed are not thrown out but given to other locals charities that need them.

Though many persons may want their boxes to reach select countries or regions, it may be a little difficult for the foundation to be so specific in honoring that request. However, there is no need to worry as indeed only deserving and needy children are on the receiving end of the gifts.

For sure, the foundation has gone global, with lots of replication be set up over the world. First, contact your local authorities to know how you can donate. Also, if you are not able to physically help the foundation by sending in a box, you can give it to their website or other collection agencies in your local area. You can also get others on board by spreading the word about the foundation through word of mouth or social media with your friends and family. Tackling one region at a time, Operation Christmas Child is on a mission to changing the face of helping and providing happiness to sad hearts. 

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