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50 Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

50 Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Christmas is almost here and it’s time to start getting into the holiday spirit! There are so many ways to get into the Christmas spirit, but one of my most favorite ways is by making crafts. Kids love having a creative outlet as well as being able to make something that they can be proud of. In this post, I’m going to share 50 fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids!

50 Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

When it comes to crafts, the best ones are easy and fun. These 50 Christmas Crafts for Kids will keep your kids entertained as well as teach them some creativity skills! Check out my list of all 50 projects below!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

When the holiday season comes, spend some quality time with your kids to create paper crafts, edible projects and, of course, Christmas cards. So, let us find out a few easy Christmas crafts for the kids.

Ornament Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for an easy DIY holly wreath ornament craft that the kids will love, you have come to the right place. This bright and colorful holly wreath is perfect for decoration in the winter holidays.

Learn how to make Easy DIY Holly Wreath Ornament here

  • DIY Santa’s Workshop Ornament

The real fun in the festive holidays is making ornaments. The ornament is so cute that the kids will love making it.

Know more about DIY Santa’s Workshop Ornament here

  • Family Time Capsule Ornament

This holiday season try to capture the best memories in the DIY family time capsule ornament.

Learn how to make Family Time Capsule Ornament here

  • Dinosaur Snow Globes

The dinosaur snow globe is an easy DIY holiday craft that will help to add to the festive cheer. You can also give it to someone as it will be a sweet present.

Learn how to make Dinosaur Snow Globes here

It will be great fun to sit down with your kids on any weekend and make these easy Christmas tree crafts.

Learn how to make Christmas Tree Crafts here

  • Pom Pom Ornaments for Kids

The pom pom crafts would be an excellent décor piece for your kid’s room. It is easy to make and needs only a few things.

Learn how to make Pom Pom Ornaments for kids here

You will love those ornaments that your children can make. You can take out the fingerprint ornaments every year and check how much they have grown!

Learn how to make Fingerprint Christmas Ornament here

  • DIY Lego Holiday Wreath Photo Ornament Craft

It is a fun craft to make during the Christmas and you can personalize it with your favorite photos.

Learn about DIY LEGO Holiday Wreath Photo Ornament Craft here

  • Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

The salt dough ornaments are the perfect craft that you can do with your kids. You can make them and hang them on the trees.

Get your Salt Dough Ornament Recipe here

She shows how to make 3 different Christmas salt dough ornaments. Easy and cheap!
  •  Christmas List

Do you want your kids to make the best Christmas wish list in the world? Get your child involved in making the Christmas list.

Learn how to make a Christmas List here

  •  Stuffed Ornament Craft

The stuffed ornament craft is a great last-minute craft activity for your kids. These Christmas ornaments will look perfect on the day of Christmas.

Learn about Stuffed Ornament Craft here

  •  Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

It is easy to make Cinnamon ornaments for your Christmas tree right at your home. They look beautiful and have an amazing smell.

Learn how to make Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments here

  •  DIY Minion Christmas Ornaments

Everybody we know loves Minions and these super simple DIY Minion ornaments take little to make and will not cost much.

Learn about DIY Minion Christmas Ornaments here

  •  Rustic Snowman Ornament

The rustic snowman ornament is easy to make and looks cute. You can use it for decorating your Christmas tree.

Learn how to make Rustic Snowman Ornament here

  •  Rudolph Tealight Ornament

The DIY Rudolph tealight ornament is cute and is a fun holiday project that can be done by the younger kids too.

Learn how to make Rudolph Tealight Ornament here

  •  Christmas Ornaments Acrylic Pouring

Looking to put finishing touches to your holiday décor? The DIY Christmas ornaments acrylic pouring will be appreciated by friends and family.

Learn how to make Christmas Ornaments Acrylic Pouring here

  •  Felt Unicorn Christmas Ornament

The felt Unicorn Christmas ornament looks adorable and be hand sewn perfectly.

Learn how to make Felt Unicorn Christmas Ornament here

  •  Keepsake Thumbprint Christmas Ornament

Are you looking for a special holiday keepsake this Christmas? The keepsake thumbprint will be cherished for many years to come.

Learn how to make Keepsake Thumbprint Christmas Ornament here

It makes for a fun card or gift for grandparents too!
  •  Popsicle Stick Rudolph Ornament

The Reindeer Christmas ornament was inspired by none other than Rudolph, the iconic Reindeer with a red nose. It will be enjoyed by the children for a long time.

Learn how to make Popsicle Stick Rudolph Ornament here

  •  Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament Easy Craft

It is a super easy craft but might require some adult supervision if the kids are doing it. It can be easily done with supplies from your local store.

Learn how to make Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament Easy Craft here

Christmas Crafts for kids to PLAY

  • Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet

One can make a simple reindeer puppet by using paper lunch bags. The kids can have a Christmas themed puppet show with these.

Learn how to make Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet here

  • How to Make Grinch Crafts

Even if you did not like the classic or enjoyed watching the Grinch movies, you will have great fun in making the Grinch crafts.

Learn How to Make Grinch Crafts here

  • Felt Christmas Photo Ornament

The craft is perfect for kids who want to make homemade gifts. The grandparents would love a homemade tree ornament that is filled with picture of their loved ones.

Learn how to make Felt Christmas Photo Ornament here

  • DIY Yarn Pom Pom Snowball Fight Kit

Are you staying in an area where it does not snow at all? With this snowball fight kit, you can make soft yarn pom poms.

Learn about DIY Yarn Pom Pom Snowball Fight Kit here

  • Mini Felt Christmas Tree

Mini felt Christmas trees are an extremely popular Christmas decoration that are easy to make. But do not buy any, try to make this tree first with the simple instructions.

Learn how to make Mini Felt Christmas Tree here

  • Printable Lacing Cards

The printable lacing cards are a great way to practice the motor skills of the child. It is easy to make and can be made with supplies that are available in the cabinet.

Learn about Printable Lacing Cards here

  • Snowman Play Dough Kit

The tutorial teaches you to make a snowman play dough kit for a lot of kids. The kids will have a lot of fun in creating the snowmen and they will enjoy making these with family members.

Learn how to make Snowman Play Dough Kit here

  • DIY Printable Nativity for Kids

If you want to display a Nativity set during the Christmas, then this DIY craft is perfect for you.

Learn about the DIY Printable Nativity for Kids here

  • How to Make Christmas Slime

Contrary to what many people think, making a slime is easy when you have the perfect recipe and a little bit of practice. Making the slime is fun and is like decorating the Christmas tree.

Learn How to Make Christmas Slime here

  •  Easy Cardboard Box Snowman

Arranging a Christmas party at home? The cardboard box snowman game is cheap and easy to make. It is best enjoyed by the toddlers and will keep the little kids occupied for a long time.

Learn how to make Cheap and Easy Cardboard Box Snowman Bean Bag Toss Game here

DÉCOR Crafts For Kids

  • Christmas Tree Craft with Popsicle Sticks

If you are looking for an easy and cute Christmas craft for your little one, then the popsicle stick craft is a great choice as it encourages creativity.

Learn how to make Christmas Tree Craft with Popsicle Sticks here

  • DIY Snowman Christmas Decoration

Are you looking for an easy and cheap craft for the Christmas? Try the DIY Snowman decoration which is budget friendly and takes little time.

Learn about the DIY Snowman Christmas Decoration here

  • How to Make a Fingerprint Christmas Tree Craft

This DIY craft is perfect for any preschooler or toddler as it easy to make.

Learn How to Make a Fingerprint Christmas Tree Craft here

  • DIY Snow Globes

The snow globes are magical and whimsical, and they are easy to make. The snow globes capture the Yuletide spirit much better than any other DIY craft.

Learn about the DIY Snow Globes here

I love using toys from the Dollar Tree to make snow globes!
  • Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Whether you are new to rock painting or have experience in painting rocks, here are some rock painting ideas that will get you interested this Christmas.

Get some great Christmas Rock Painting Ideas here

  • Fluffy Snowman Craft for Kids

Making fluffy paint is fun and perfect for the snowman craft. It is an easy craft, and the kids will enjoy.

Learn about the Fluffy Snowman Craft for Kids here

  • Christmas Tree Painting

The mess free Christmas Tree painting is perfect for the kids. It is a fun and easy activity that requires no supervision by the seniors.

Learn about Christmas Tree Painting here

  • Simple Snowman Decoration

The kids love homemade craft decorations, and the snowman decoration is perfect as it adds a special touch to the house.

Get all the tips about Simple Snowman Decoration here

  • Yarn Baby Jesus

We all know about the fun tradition where the children must keep an empty manger for Baby Jesus. It is a simple craft which the kids will enjoy and participate in.

Learn about the Yarn Baby Jesus craft here

  •  Holiday Body Tracing Art

The body tracing activity is loved by the kids as it allows the kids to transform themselves into an elf.

Get the details about the Holiday Body Tracing Art here

  •  Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

If you have a disposable fork and some paint handy then there is no reason why you cannot make this adorable Christmas tree craft.

Learn about the Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft here

  •  Christmas Window Craft

The modern DIY Christmas window crafts are a great way to spend some time together with your kids. The little ones will love doing this holiday craft with the parents.

Learn about the Christmas Window Crafts here

  •  Handprint Reindeer Craft for Kids

The handprint reindeer craft is a popular keepsake gift for Christmas. You can transform this into an ornament or a card.

Learn about the Handprint Reindeer Craft for Kids here

  •  Fingerprint Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

The fingerprint Christmas Tree wall hanging can be put together in just a couple of minutes. If you love homemade decorations, then you should also love this one.

Learn about the Fingerprint Christmas Tree Wall Hanging here

  •  Snowflake Angel Craft

The snowflake angel craft is a great way to make a snow angel along with your kids without catching a cold.

Get to know how to make a Snowflake Angel Craft here

Here is another fun one – and you can learn Origami!
  •  Coffee Filter Wreath Christmas Craft for Kids

It is one of the easiest Christmas crafts projects ever and you will go totally crazy when the coffee filters transform into a colorful wreath.

Learn about Coffee Filter Wreath Christmas Craft for Kids here

  • Pop Santa Craft

The Christmas crafting season is incomplete without the pop Santa craft! It is a fun Christmas craft for kids.

Learn about the Pop Santa Craft here

  •  Coffee Filter Angels Christmas Ornament Craft

The coffee filter angels are easy and fun-to-make ornaments for kids for the Christmas tree. One just needs a few supplies for this craft.

Learn about the Coffee Filter Angels Christmas Ornament Craft here

  •  Kids Recycle Craft Cereal Box Christmas Tree

If you have some empty cereal boxes at your home, then you can make some simple Christmas tree decorations with these.

Learn all about Kids Recycle Craft Cereal Box Christmas Tree here

  •  Elf Paper Puppet

The paper puppets are easy to make but the elf paper puppets deserve special mention as they are adorable and liked by the kids.

Learn how to make Elf Paper Puppet here

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