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4 Ways to DIY Christmas Decor

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DIY Christmas decor is all about creativity, fun and excitement for the coming holidays. Who hasn’t sat around and strung up popcorn strings and decorated a tree? Decorating is fun and the Christmas season brings out the best in the DIY inclined. Here are four fun and easy DIY ideas for decorating this Christmas season.
4 Ways to DIY Christmas Decor

Create a snow wreath
Snow is symbolic of many things, but the Christmas season has to be chief among them. Wreaths are a dime a dozen but if you build one and add a bit of faux snow, you suddenly have something special. From pine cone wreaths to extravagant Christmas ribbons and bows, all can be made to pop with excitement through a bit of faux snow.

Create a mason jar lighted walkway
Mason jars are incredibly crafty and are perfect for lighting up a holiday driveway or walking area. Just take some tall mason jars and add a candle. You can hold the candle in place with Epsom salt to give a snowy effect.

Make heirloom Christmas stockings
These are so fun to do and not really all that hard. Just find a basic pattern for Christmas stockings online and take an old quilt or family blanket to complete the outline. From then on, you will have an annual reminder of the memories contained within the quilt when you hang them for Santa.

Wrap up some yarn cones for tabletop beauty
Yarn cones are exactly what they sound like. Pine cones that are wrapped with bits of colorful yarn to add excitement and holiday spirit! Wrap them in one color or multi-colored yarn to create new and exciting wreaths, tabletops and displays throughout your home. It is a wonderful and simple way to tie in colors for matching displays.

What other DIY Christmas decor have you heard of this holiday season? We would love to hear your ideas!

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