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4 People Who Would Love to Get a Journal as a Gift

4 People Who Would Love to Get a Journal as a Gift

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Many people choose to start journaling because of the unique benefits that it can provide. For example, it can help you to de-stress and to even get through some very difficult times. Others start journaling because they believe that family or friends may be interested in learning more about their life many years or decades from now. While some people buy a journal for themselves, a journal is a very thoughtful gift for someone special in your life. In fact, these are some of the people who may enjoy receiving a journal as a gift.

A New Parent

Bringing a new child into the world is one of the most emotionally-charged experiences that a person can go through. Regardless of whether this is the person’s first child or fifth, the act of creating a life and being responsible for raising that child successfully to adulthood and beyond can stir emotions that the person may not have even known they had. Some new parents understandably may want to share their thoughts and feelings with their child at a much later date. After all, the overwhelming sense of love that a parent innately feels at this important time can be difficult to share later. The parent’s hopes and dreams for the child, lessons that he or she wants to share and more may be written down so that the child can read them when he or she is mature enough to handle them.

A High School or College Student

High school and college years are some of the most formative and challenging years of many people’s lives. These are years when people generally transform from a child into an adult. Each person has a unique coming-of-age story, and a journal gives them an excellent space to capture those memories. More than that, the stress and drama associated with the transition into adulthood can stir many emotions. Teens and young adults may be able to use their journal to explore their feelings and to gain great insight about who they are and what they stand for.

A Retiree

You may think that a retiree’s life is on a downward swing, but retirees may tell you that this is when their life is truly beginning. Retiring is a new and exciting chapter for many people. It may be filled with experiences of being a grandparent, of traveling to new places and making incredible relationships with people who they meet along the way. In fact, retirement can actually be much more thrilling and exciting than a younger adult caught up on the mundane mediocrity of a nine-to-five work life. Many older adults also understand that younger generations may want to learn more about their life at some point.

A journal can be used to preserve thoughts and even to share memories from many years or decades ago. These documents may even be handed down from generation to generation so that your experiences become a part of family history.

Someone Dealing with a Hard Time

Journaling is an excellent way for anyone to deal with an emotional crisis. Everything from dealing with a new disability or a divorce to overcoming grief after losing a loved one may take years to move past. When you give a journal to a close friend or relative who is going through a rough patch, you are showing them that you care. This is a way to tell them that you are thinking about them and that you are trying to be supportive, but you also understand that their journey at this time of life must be experienced fully on their own. A journal gives them a place to let it all out, and it may even help them to get through this period of their lives more easily.

There are many different reasons why you may give the gift of a journal to someone special as a gift. Journaling can be an enriching experience for those of all ages, but the gift of a journal could also tell that person that you find them fascinating and that you know that they have many things to write about across the pages of their journal. Remember to find a journal design that is customized in some way for the individual.

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