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4 Great DIY Christmas Ornaments

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A favorite part of the holidays for many people is the decorating. You can have a lot of fun decorating your tree if you use Christmas ornaments that you decorated yourself. Here are some ideas for great DIY Christmas ornaments that you can easily whip up!

4 Great DIY Christmas Ornaments

Origami – There are many things you can make with origami but a good idea for the Christmas tree could be some nice birds or flowers.

Popsicle sticks – This is a classic that many will remember from elementary school. You can use popsicle sticks to create great DIY ornaments and you can build a variety of things with them. Have fun with it!

Painted balls/bulbs – Another fun idea is to purchase some Christmas ornament balls or bulbs and then paint them yourself. You are starting with the structure of the ornament already so it’s easy but you can personalize it how you want.

Paper snowflakes – They are fun to make, easy to make and they are completely unique. This is a fantastic idea for the DIY tree you want this year.

These are just a few ideas for great DIY Christmas ornaments but don’t let the ideas stop there. You can come up with many more great ways to decorate your tree with ornaments you make yourself.

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