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30 of the CUTEST Reindeer Crafts

30 of the CUTEST Reindeer Crafts

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The reindeer is an iconic part of Christmas. They are so adorable that it’s hard not to feel happy when looking at them! There are many crafts you can make for kids, and these 30 all have their own little personality. After reading this post, we hope you will be in the mood to craft with your children–or even by yourself!

reindeer crafts for kids

30 of the Cutest Reindeer Crafts

Reindeer art and reindeer craft are the best activity for kids. They are great Christmas craft ideas that are enjoyed by kids of all ages. It keeps them busy during the holiday season and helps to unearth their creative potential. 

1. Pine Cone Reindeer

The Pine Cone reindeer ornaments can be made at home and are easy to make. They look cute and are a fun Christmas craft for the little ones. 

Get the Pine Cone Reindeer tutorial here

2. Reindeer Christmas Ornament

This amazingly beautiful Christmas ornament will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. Reindeer is an iconic part of any Christmas; so these ornaments will bring holiday cheer for all. 

Learn how to make Reindeer Christmas Ornament here

3. DIY Reindeer ornaments with wood slices

The kids always love easy Christmas ornament crafts. The DIY Reindeer ornaments are an integral part of any Christmas decoration. 

Get the DIY Reindeer ornaments with wood slices tutorial here

4. Reindeer Ornament Craft

If you are looking for simple Christmas craft ideas then Reindeer ornament craft should fit the bill perfectly. 

Know about the Reindeer Ornament craft here

5. DIY Reindeer Ornaments

The DIY reindeer ornaments are adorable and can be easily made by the kids. They are super quick and look beautiful. 

Get the DIY Reindeer Ornaments tutorial here

6. Stick Reindeer

One just needs to follow the basic instructions to make this truly adorable stick Reindeer that will not cost a dime! 

Get the instructions for Sick Reindeer here

7. Coffee Filter Reindeer Christmas Craft

The coffee filter Reindeer craft is cute and looks perfect for the kids. You only need to use readily available craft supplies and the craft is ready in a few minutes. 

Learn how to make Coffee Filter Reindeer Christmas craft here

8. Magic Reindeer Food

You must have heard of the magic reindeer food. It is a special treat that is loved by the kids and, of course, Santa’s Reindeer! 

 Get the recipe of Magic Reindeer food here

9. Reindeer Clay Pot Ornament Christmas Craft

It is a DIY craft whereby you can transform the small flowerpots in your home into cute reindeers. The craft looks nice, and it gets ready in half an hour. 

Learn how to make Reindeer clay pot ornament Christmas craft here

10. DIY Easy Reindeer Face Christmas Ornaments

The DIY crafts teach you to turn almost anything into cute-looking Reindeer face Christmas ornaments. These are great craft ideas that will be enjoyed by the kids. 

Get the tutorial for DIY Easy Reindeer Face Christmas ornaments here

11. Flying Reindeer Stem 

Have you ever made a reindeer take flight? In this highly challenging activity, the STEM skills of the children will be challenged as they work to see how soon their reindeer can fly. 

Learn about Flying Reindeer Stem here

12. Pop up Reindeer Card

The DIY pop-up cards are easy to make and has a fun element. The pop-up cards look special.

Learn how to make a Pop-up Reindeer Card here 

13. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

Christmas is never complete without the iconic reindeer. Here is a super easy craft to make a toilet paper roll reindeer.

Learn how to make a Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft here

14. Easy DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate

The reindeer hot chocolate bags are an easy DIY gift for the kids. It requires only a handful of ingredients and easy to make. 

Get your Easy DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate here

15. Reindeer Craft Driftwood Ornaments

We all love making handmade ornaments around Christmas. The reindeer crafts are popular in the holiday season and these driftwood ornaments are quite adorable. 

Learn about Reindeer Craft Driftwood Ornaments here

16. Felt Reindeer Ornament

Making felt ornaments is a lot of fun for both adults and children. The felt reindeer ornament looks adorable and great as Christmas décor. 

Learn how to make Felt Reindeer Ornament here

17. Paper Bag Handprint Reindeer Craft

Everybody loves paper bag crafts and the paper bag reindeer craft is a big hit among both adults and children. 

Learn about the Paper Bag Handprint Reindeer Craft here

18. Easy Origami Reindeer for Preschool

It is a super fun project for children and adults who are new to origami. The origami reindeer is great for decorating the Christmas tree in the holiday season. 

Learn how to make Easy Origami Reindeer for Preschool here

19. Reindeer Popsicle Stick Craft

The popsicle stick reindeer is a popular craft among kids. They are simple to make and looks cute once it is made. It is so easy that even a 2 – year old can make this craft. 

Get to know how to make Reindeer Popsicle Stick Craft here

20. Paper Reindeer Puppet Template

The reindeer paper puppet craft is a favorite among the little ones. They love the bright red noses and the wobbly legs. There is no doubt that it is the best Christmas craft for kids of all ages. 

Learn about the Paper Reindeer Puppet Template here

21. Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments

The clothespin reindeer ornaments are simple to make and look cute. It takes only about 15 minutes to make this craft and the kids can do this craft on their own. 

Get the Clothespin Reindeer Ornaments tutorial here

22. Handprint Reindeer Craft for Kids

The kids love handprint DIY crafts as they love to get messy and enjoy the paint on their hands. 

Learn the Handprint Reindeer Craft for Kids here

23. Stand-up Cereal Box Reindeer

The kids enjoy decorating their reindeer and this DIY craft gives the kids the perfect opportunity to do so. Made from a cereal box, it is a great holiday project for the kids. 

Get the Stand-up Cereal Box Reindeer here

24. Glue-Dots Christmas Craft Tutorials

Are you looking for a great DIY craft project? The Glue-Dots Christmas craft is great for the Christmas holidays. 

Get the Glue-Dots Christmas Craft Tutorials here

25. Reindeer Origami Corner Bookmark

The super cute and easy bookmarks can be a great small gift for the Christmas season. 

Learn how to make Reindeer Origami Corner Bookmark here

26. Rudolph Tealight Ornament

We all know that the DIY Rudolph Tealight Ornaments are cute in nature. It is one of those fun holiday projects in which the kids can actively participate. 

Learn how to make Rudolph Tealight Ornament here

27. Deer Paper Puppet Craft with Template

The fun and easy deer paper puppet craft comes in a range of colors and are easy to assemble. 

Get the Deer Paper Puppet Craft with Template here

28. Paper Reindeer Ornament

The paper reindeer ornaments are adorable and unbelievably cute-looking. It looks much different from the other reindeer ornaments that are usually made during the Christmas season. 

Get the Paper Reindeer Ornament tutorial here

29. Rudolph Reindeer Lollipop Christmas Class Gift

The kids are always in love with Rudolph the reindeer lollipop gifts. These are not hard to make, and it is one of those festive gifts that will bring a smile to the face of the kids. 

 Learn about the Rudolph Reindeer Lollipop Christmas Class Gift here

30. Simple Felt Reindeer Ornaments

Making handmade Christmas ornaments creates a kind of holiday feeling and you can even involve the kids in this craft to make the activity more enjoyable. 

Get the Simple Felt Reindeer Ornaments here

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