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25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make

25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make

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Christmas ornaments are usually required to festoon a Christmas tree, and these ornaments take different forms, including highly artistic designs. We have compiled a list of easy holiday ornaments to make that are jusincredibly fun!


25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make

25 Easy Holiday Ornaments to Make

1) Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments

If you want to spread the Christmas cheer at home, then you will love the essential oil diffuser ornaments. You can hang them on the Christmas tree and enjoy the scents of the holiday season.

Learn how to make Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments here

2) Easy Burlap Angel Ornament

The holiday season is the best time for learning new crafts. The burlap angel ornament is very easy and fun to make, and even kids will like it.

Learn how to make Easy Burlap Angel Ornament here

3) Santa’s Sleigh Map Ornament

You should add this to your handmade Christmas plans as a valuable ornament exchange gift. It looks a tad confusing but is easy to make.

Learn how to make Santa’s Sleigh Map Ornament here

4) Hoop Ornaments

The hoop ornaments make great gifts, and since they made with the little 3″ hoops, it looks great on the tree!

Learn how to make Hoop Ornaments here

5) Embroidery Hoop Santa Christmas Ornaments

The embroidery hoop Santa Christmas ornaments are great fun to make, and they look charming on the Christmas tree. If you love handmade ornaments, then you will love this.

Learn how to make Embroidery Hoop Santa Christmas Ornaments here

6) Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments

The pokemon ornaments are perfect Christmas ornaments that will make your kids happy. These ornaments will look good on your Christmas tree, or you can even decorate your kid’s room with it.

Learn how to make Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments here

7) Gingerbread House Ornaments

Did you ever know that you can transform the little terracotta pots into gingerbread house ornaments? Yes, they are effortless to make, and you can create a gingerbread house scene with your kids.

Learn how to make Gingerbread House Ornaments here

This easy holiday ornament to make is great for those Elf-on-a-shelf families:

8) Simple DIY Elf Ornament

The popularity of the movie elf had spurned me to this simple DIY elf ornament. It is a straightforward project for the older kids, but they may need help from the adults for the final assembly.

Learn how to make Simple DIY Elf Ornament here

9) Alcohol Ink Ornaments

The alcohol ink ornaments are gorgeous and cost very little to make these. It is a bit messy to make these, but the results are beautiful.

Learn how to make Alcohol Ink Ornaments here

10) Granny Square Crochet Ornaments

The older generation made these, and I learned to make these from my grandparents. Not easy to make, but the results are worth every effort.

Learn how to make Granny Square Crochet Ornaments here

11) DIY Fabric Christmas Ornament

The DIY fabric Christmas ornament is a great way to start a Christmas tradition with your kids. This is one DIY where you can let the kids run wild with their imaginations.

Learn how to make DIY Fabric Christmas Ornament here

12) Red Plaid Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament

The plaid has forayed into the Christmas scene in a big way, and it is only natural that red plaid embroidery hoop is one of the most loved DIY ornaments this season.

Learn how to make DIY Fabric Christmas Ornament here

13) Mason Jar Lid Santa Ornament

The Mason jar lid Santa ornament is a handcrafted item that should be on top of the list of handmade ornament ideas.

Learn how to make Mason Jar Lid Santa Ornament here

14) Kate Spade DIY Christmas Ornament

The Kate Spade DIY Christmas ornaments are so beautiful that you will be at a loss for words.

Learn how to make Kate Spade DIY Christmas Ornament here

15) Wooden Thread Spool Ornament

Everyone loves wooden thread spools wherein you can transform these spools into scroll holders. You can use the spools to make a lovely Christmas ornament.

Learn how to make Wooden Thread Spool Ornament here

16) DIY Christmas Ornaments Snowman Star

This DIY ornament can be hung from a tree or a door to bring in the festive spirit. The ornament even sparkles from a dusting of glitter.

Learn how to make DIY Christmas Ornaments Snowman Star here

17) DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Ornaments

If you are looking to personalize your home decor, then you should not look beyond these DIY cardboard ornaments. You can even decorate the windows with these.

Learn how to make DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Ornaments here

18) Easy DIY Map Ornaments

This is a great way to commemorate your trips, and the DIY map ornaments are elementary to make. No crafting skills needed but do look great as ornaments.

Learn how to make Easy DIY Map Ornaments here

19) Unicorn Christmas Ornament

The amazingly beautiful DIY Unicorn Christmas ornament will look great on the Christmas tree.

Learn how to make Unicorn Christmas Ornament here

How about an entire collection of the easy holiday ornaments to announce a family trip?

20) Every Disney-Inspired Ornament

Everyone loves Disney characters and themes, so these Disney inspired ornaments will be extraordinary!

Learn how to make Every Disney inspired ornament here

21) Charlie Brown Kid-made Christmas Ornament

If your boys are not too much into crafting, then the Charlie Brown Christmas ornaments will surely egg them on!

Learn how to make Charlie Brown Kid Made Christmas Ornament here

22) Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament

The Christmas season is not complete without the mandatory reindeer ornament. So here it is…

Learn how to make Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament here

23) DIY Kid’s Fingerprint Ornament

It is an all-time favorite for the parents. It is a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished year after year.

Learn how to make DIY Kid’s Fingerprint Ornament here

24) DIY Glitter Bulb Ornaments

If you are looking for fun ornament crafting, then you should start off with the DIY ornaments, but beware of that glitter going everywhere!

Learn how to make DIY Glitter Bulb Ornaments here

25) Make German Stars for Christmas

Are you looking for a touch of novelty to your Christmas decorations? Then you can make the German stars, which are entirely paper-based.

Learn how to Make German Stars for Christmas here

BONUS) DIY Harry Potter House Ornaments With Printable

If you have kids at home who are Hogwarts fans, then you need to put all your crafting skills into play and make this beautiful DIY Harry Potter house ornament with printable.

Learn how to Make DIY Harry Potter House Ornaments with Printable here

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