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25 Classic Stocking Stuffers for Kids

25 Classic Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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Parents know that Christmas is a time of year filled with joy and excitement for the whole family. Stocking stuffers are often overlooked in favor of bigger gifts, but these small presents can be just as memorable as the big ones! This blog post features 25 classic stocking stuffers for kids that any parent would love to have on their shopping list this holiday season.

25 Classic Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Why do kids hang up a stocking at Christmas?

It all boils down to a history lesson on Saint Nick. While today kids get a lot of larger gifts, in days of old, they pretty much only got a few things – and what was in their stocking. St. Nicholas, a Catholic bishop from the third century, heard that there were some children in his town who did not have enough food to eat or clothes to wear. St. Nicholas went into their home at night and left them baskets of goodies – something small but still as sweet as can be!

Kids love opening up presents on Christmas morning just like adults do! Stocking stuffers will help make sure your kids are happy all season long with these classic goody-filled gifts!

25 Classic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #25: Magnifying Glasses –

Kids of all ages will enjoy this classic stocking stuffer! This small gift is easy to tuck away in your pocket and can provide hours of fun. You no longer need to worry about frustration with the little details like reading a map or finding hidden treasures. With these inexpensive magnifying glasses, kids are sure to have endless hours of entertainment.

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Sticking Stuffer Idea #24: Gumball Machine –

A gumball machine gives kids a chance to make their own decisions on what they want without asking an adult first. These machines come in many different sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits just right inside your child’s stocking. Making a decision can be hard sometimes, so it’s good to hand over the reins and let kids make their own decisions!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #23: Coloring Books –

The perfect stocking stuffer for any kid in your life is this small coloring book with plenty of pictures inside for them to color at will. It doesn’t matter if they’re an artist or not, these books are fun for all ages and genders alike! A way to help reduce stress during the holiday season is by slowing things down and spending some time on these creative activities that bring joy year-round.

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #23: Coloring Books -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #22: Pencils –

Pencils are a traditional stocking stuffer that still brings plenty of joy to kids today. These small gifts can be used for school, work, or fun activities like coloring and drawing! Stocking up on pencils is always a good idea – they’re just so useful during the long winter months when it’s cold outside!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #21: Visors/Sun Hats –

Kids love being outdoors but sometimes getting too much sun isn’t great for their skin. A visor or hat will shield your little one from harmful UV rays while also protecting them from freezing temperatures as well. Kids typically don’t complain about wearing hats because this item keeps them warm in addition to looking stylish at all times!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #20: Slinky –

A slinky is an adorable gift that will provide hours of entertainment while parents are away at work or running errands. This toy has been around for over 50 years and continues to entertain kids of all ages! They’re lightweight, easy to pack up in a bag, and small so they can be tucked inside a stocking with ease.

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #19: Fun socks –

Socks are a go-to item for any St. Nicholas gift, but they’re also perfect for stuffing the stockings of your favorite kids this holiday season too! These small gifts come in all sorts of colors and prints so there’s surely something that will catch their eye. Socks don’t take up much space and can be easily hidden inside other items – like a stocking themselves!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #20: Slinky -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #18: Crayons –

Crayons are another popular stocking stuffer that kids love to pull out of their stockings each year. Kids can enjoy these small gifts all season long, whether they’re drawing or coloring with crayons in class, at home, and even when making crafts like scrapbooks. There’s no end to what you can do with a box of crayons as your canvas so this item makes an excellent choice for any kid who loves arts and crafts!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #17: Playdough –

Kids will have plenty of fun playing with this classic toy, whether they’re cooking a pretend meal or sculpting their own masterpiece. There are many different colors and textures to choose from so your child will feel like they have endless options for play! You can make your own version and whip up a cute “elf dough” instead – just use dollar store containers for it.

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #16: Mini lego set –

Legos bring hours of entertainment to kids and adults alike. It’s never too early or late in life to enjoy these small toys that don’t require batteries! Stocking up on a few lego sets is always a great idea because the possibilities are endless for what you can make with them – whether it’s something as simple as an animal or scene out in nature, building blocks will keep your child entertained all season long.

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #15: New toothbrush –

It’s never too early to start a new tradition! A toothbrush is the perfect St. Nicholas gift for your little one that will encourage them to practice good oral hygiene from an early age. Kids love these small presents because they’re fun and practical while also being something they can use on their own without parental help – it’ll make them feel independent, which in turn encourages independence as well!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #16: Mini lego set -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #14: Storybooks –

Storybooks are one of the best gifts to give during any holiday season because they’re not just fun – they also provide entertainment for readers of all ages! Stocking up on new books is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your child will never run out of reading material. Just about every book store has an assortment in stock so you’ll be able to find something perfect for any age range and interests, which can make this a great St. Nicholas gift.

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #13: Chocolate milk straws –

Kids love straws and these small St. Nicholas gifts are perfect for filling up a stocking! These small, fun little items can add some flavor to plain milk. You’ll find that kids who enjoy using them will want to try strawberry or Oreo flavors too!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #12: Magnets –

Kids love playing around the fridge like it’s an obstacle course or trying to stack magnets on top of each other while balancing precariously on chairs. These are some awesome toys that allow children to explore spatial concepts as well as improve hand-eye coordination at the same time! Plus they won’t break if you drop them so there is no need for constant replacement throughout the year which makes these little guys perfect stocking stuffers!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #11: Stickers –

Kids love stickers and there are so many different ones to choose from that it can be hard knowing which one to pick. If you’re not sure, try a sticker book filled with lots of sheets for your little one’s stocking! Sticker books make an excellent choice because they come in all shapes and sizes so your kids will find one perfect for their interests. You’ll also want to include some extra items like pencils or markers if you plan on giving gifts such as these during the holidays.

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #11: Stickers -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #10: a Candy cane –

Kids love candy canes because they’re tasty (even if you don’t like them) and festive! St. Nicholas will be delivering these to your house in the form of a small stocking stuffer that’ll make their winter day even more exciting with just one taste. If you want an extra present, include some fun sprinkles or chocolate sauce for dipping so they have lots of options!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #9: Fun flavored hot cocoa packs –

If you live in a place where it’s cold during St. Nicholas time, then this is the best gift for your little one! Hot cocoa doesn’t require any baking and kids can help make their own St. Nicholas treats with these fun packets that come in lots of different flavors – they’ll be excited to sip on them as soon as they get up from bed on Christmas morning. You might want to include some festive sprinkles or whipped cream if you’re feeling extra fancy too!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #8: Journal –

A journal makes the perfect stocking stuffer because it helps children enhance their creativity while encouraging writing skills at the same time! Kids love filling out journals alone or sharing them amongst friends so each St. Nicholas gift is a win-win no matter what time of day it’s opened!

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #7: Fun sunglasses with a Christmas theme! –

Kids are always looking for St. Nicholas gifts that they can wear and these sunglasses make the perfect option! They’ll be able to show their Christmas spirit while getting some protection from the sun or snow on a day outside with friends. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking them because kids will love wearing something so festive out in public – it’s an easy way to keep St. Nicholas alive during winter time too!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #9: Fun flavored hot cocoa packs -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #6: Christmas movie on DVD or Blu-Ray –

Kids can’t get enough St. Nicholas gifts so why not give them something they’ll enjoy? A movie is the perfect Stocking Stuffer because it’s a gift for now and one that will be used when they’re older too! Plus, if you want to make your own homemade St. Nicholas present then this is an idea filled with fun memories that kids won’t soon forget – just pop in the DVD or Blu-Ray on Christmas morning and stay warm as everyone watches their favorite holiday flick together.

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #5: Stamps of their favorite animal or superhero –

Kids love St. Nicholas gifts that are personalized so they’ll be excited to find these stamps in their stocking this year! Stamps are a fun way for children to express themselves and create something unique with lots of different designs to choose from – it’s the perfect gift because kids will want to collect them all as they add more St. Nicholas presents throughout the holidays too!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #4: Hershey Kisses –

Hershey Kisses are a great option for Stocking Stuffers and will be loved by all kids no matter what age – it’s the perfect St. Nicholas present! You can go with a handful of regular-sized ones or grab a seasonal jumbo one to tuck in.

These are very affordable – you can get them at your local Dollar Tree for just a buck!

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #3: Reindeer fart or reindeer noses –

Kids love silly things and a bag of candy that has a goofy label? Sign them up! St. Nicholas gifts that are a little more on the silly side will always be a Stocking Stuffer in children’s eyes! You can find these at any store, but if you want to make them and package them as St. Nicholas presents then it’ll really take some of the holiday joy with your gift – they’re just so much better when you put time into shopping for something special like this!

- Stocking Stuffer Idea #4: Hershey Kisses -

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #2: Seasonal Chapstick –

Chapped lips can happen all year round but St. Nicholas is the perfect time to get a new lip balm and keep it in your purse or car for when you need it! When children are sick, their Stocking Stuffer will come in handy – plus if they’re anything like me then chapstick becomes an obsession during winter months so this gift is always great to have on hand.

– Stocking Stuffer Idea #1: A letter from Santa –

Kids love St. Nicholas letters because it seems simply magical that Santa would take the time to write a note especially for them.

In no way are we suggesting putting all 25 items into your kid’s stocking – we just wanted to give you a list of options to try. Of course, you can personalize it as you see fit – maybe you have a Pokemon card collector? Or a kid who loves those LOL surprise blind boxes? Nail polish, hair ties, or even a coupon for a movie theater to see the hot new release that they have been talking about…

There really are hundreds of suggestions – only you know what your kiddo would like the best.

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