Vodka Cranberry Ginger Ale Cocktail

Seasonal. Festive. Flavorful. This Vodka Cranberry Ginger Ale Cocktail is a treat for the senses and make use of the abundant holiday fruit: the cranberry.     The name, cranberry, derives from the German, kraanbere (English translation, craneberry), first named as cranberry in English by the missionary John Eliot in 1647. Around 1694, German and Dutch colonists in New England […]

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Pretzel Treats

(Sigh) I am back on my reindeer kick and have another fun treat that popped into my head: Reindeer Pretzel Treats.  These are easy to make and the combination of salt and sweet are a perfect treat for the taste buds. Why not whip them up and have them handy for that fun book or holiday TV special with the […]

Gift a Bear from Bears for Humanity and give one to Charity

Review: Gift a Bear from Bears for Humanity and give one to Charity this Holiday Season. Everyone needs a cute bear in their life! Bears for Humanity I love Bears for Humanity. Every time you buy one, a cute little bear will be donated to someone in need. Right now we here at Operation $40k and Bears for Humanity are […]

Spiced Latte Candy Cane Drinks Will Warm You Up

Do you like chocolate? Are you a fan of lattes? Peppermint? Here, the three of them come together in an incredibly smooth hot drink that will put a smile on anyone’s face, especially since there’s whipped cream and Vodka involved! A heavenly combination of flavors blends together to make these Spiced Latte Candy Cane Drinks.  Just go ahead and Pin […]

Olaf Rice Krispy Treats

Here is another fun treat for the Olaf clip at the bottom of this post – to celebrate “that time of year”. These Olaf Rice Krispy Treats are pretty easy to make and even better to eat! You will need: 1 box of rice krispy treats, unwrapped  2 bags of Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers 1 bag of m & […]

12 Gifts Your Teenager Will Actually Want

We’re past the point of the 12 days of Christmas and, if you’re in a panic like many of us, you’re likely scrambling to get things shipped in time. What can be even harder is having a teen (or teens) to shop for on your list. We all know they are, like, so hard to please. You’ve probably been procrastinating […]

Give your Mermaid a Mermaid Tail Stocking This Year

Give your Mermaid a Mermaid Tail Stocking this year. She will love waking up to see her tail full of goodies from Santa! Fin Fun has the cutest stocking of all time. It is the Mermaid Tail Stocking. I am excited to tell you about it here on Operation $40k, Mermaid Tail Stocking from FinFun Christmas is such a fun […]

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Moose Dessert Cups

I love whimsical desserts and am totally in love with this candy mold! The possibilities are endless and this time we have whipped up Mickey Mouse Chocolate Moose Dessert Cups that look like Rudolph. 1 silicone shot glass mold (found at Michael’s) 16 oz Ghiradelli melting chocolate wafers, 16 wafers set aside for the ears 1 package of small edible […]

Mickey Mouse Swirl Cookies

They’re cute, festive and delicious! Share with friends, family and co-workers and you’re sure to put a smile on some faces this holiday season! Makes 24 cookies You will need:  1 C unsalted sweet cream butter, softened 1 1/2 C powder sugar 1 egg 2 tsp vanilla 2 1/2 C flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cream of tartar […]

Elf Naughty Candy Moonshine

This drink recipe is perfect for a night in front of the fireplace or a movie & blanket kind of evening. It’s also a wonderful idea for work or family and friend parties during the holidays. While it does have to sit in the refrigerator for a full week before it can be served, it’s well worth the wait for […]