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20 Holiday Gift Tags You Can Make

20 Holiday Gift Tags You Can Make

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As the holiday season approaches, everyone attempts to make their gift stand out among others. Free printable Holdiay gift tags make your gifts look extra special. But how do you make them at home? Here is our guide –

20 Holiday Gift Tags You Can Make

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Gingerbread gift tag for Christmas

The DIY gingerbread gift tags are a great way to personalize Christmas presents. It is a quick and easy craft that will help you to customize your Christmas gifts in a novel way.

Learn how to make Gingerbread Gift Tag for Christmas here

Faux knit mitten gift tag

The faux knit mitten gift tag is very soft and ideal for packing gifts. It has a soft yarn on the front side and a card stock on the back. This can be used as a gift tag, or one may hang it on the tree as an ornament.

Learn how to make Faux Knit Mitten Gift Tag here

Easy glitter striped gift tag

The DIY gift tags are a great way to add a customized finish to a present. The glitter gift tags are very easy, and since you can make it with any glitter, the design options are almost endless.

Learn how to make Easy Glitter Striped Gift Tag here

Printable Christmas Tags

There is no point in wasting money to buy tags this Christmas when you make them all at home. You can make regular gift tags that will work for any gift, or you can opt for the circle tags that work so well for the mason jars.

Learn how to make Printable Christmas Tags here

Stained glass style sharpie Christmas gift tag

If you want to make something creative, then you can opt for this Christmas gift tag that has a stained glass effect. This will create a fun Christmas ornament, too, in case you do not want to part with the tag.

Learn how to make Stained Glass Style Sharpie Christmas Gift Tag here

Montessori inspired handmade gift tags

The main reason why Montessori inspired handmade gift tags promises to be very popular with the little kids is that the theme is both timely and classical.

Learn how to make Montessori inspired handmade gift tags here

Free printable Christmas gift tags

These Christmas gift tags can be easily printed on scrapbook paper and use it with your gifts to give it a special touch. You can print the labels on Kraft paper to have a better feel.

Learn how to get the Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags here

Super cute holiday gift tags

These are not ordinary gift tags as they are more colorful and playful than the ones already discussed here. You can create the elements yourself or go to different websites and check what is on offer.

Learn all about super cute holiday gift tags here

Free printable red truck Christmas gift tags

The classic red truck is a symbol of the approaching winter and the holiday season. The red truck has gained massive popularity in the last few years, and one can find these even in dollar stores!

You can print the Free Printable Red Truck Christmas Gift Tags here

Free Christmas Gift Tags – Set of 8 Printable Tags

If you have loved the red truck gift tags, then there is no reason why you will not like these brand new printable Christmas gift tags, which comes in a set of 8.

You can print the Free Christmas Gift Tags here

Wood Slice Ornament Gift Tags

This is one of those holiday crafts that manages to serve two purposes – it can be used as a gift tag or an ornament. The recipient of this gift tag can even hang it up in their tree, and it will look awesome!

Learn how to make Wood Slice Ornament Gift Tags here

DIY Christmas gift tags

The DIY Christmas gift tags are very affordable and take little to create. They will look great on the gifts, and the recipients will surely appreciate these colorful tags!

Learn how to make DIY Christmas Gift Tags here

Printable vintage camper Christmas gift tags

These Christmas gift tags are easily printable, and they look great on the presents which you have already wrapped. Just print these to have vintage looking tags at your disposal.

You can get the Printable Vintage Camper Christmas Gift Tags here

Christmas labels free printable

If you believe that wrapping Christmas presents is an art in itself, then you would love to use Christmas labels so that gifts look very pretty when you give them.

You will get Christmas labels free printable here

Free printable Christmas gift tag

It is always a great idea to make your gift tags, But, if you get free printable ones, then the job becomes easier for you.

Get the Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags here

Mason jar labels

The Christmas mason jar labels are ideal for the homemade gifts that you have in the jars. Mason jars are a real rage now, so it makes sense to make these fun labels.

Get the Mason Jar Labels here

Quilled Reindeer Pattern

If you are looking to make your Christmas extra special, then you must not ignore the quilled reindeer pattern labels. They look adorable and look great on the Christmas cards.

Learn how to make Quilled Reindeer Pattern labels here

Santa gift tags

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time to make the gift wrapping more exciting. You can use these gift tags on presents, mason jars and even on Christmas cards!

Get your Santa Gift Tags here

Printable Christmas Tags

If you are looking for some last-minute additions for your Christmas gifts for the kids or friends, then the printable Christmas tags are a must-have!

Get the Printable Christmas tags here

Candy ornament tags

The candy ornament tags are a fun way to make your Christmas gifts look cool. Everyone loves sweet treats, so you can fill ornaments with candies and attach them to your gifts.

Learn how to make Candy Ornament Tags here

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