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20 Awesome Gifts for Science Lovers

20 Awesome Gifts for Science Lovers

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Having a kiddo start college at the age of nine means getting creative for gifts. She is a Science Savant and that is why I was looking for gifts for science lovers. Trying to pick out a gift for that special someone that is really into science isn’t easy. Are you thinking of getting a mug with the colorful portrait of an atom structure or an earth shaped pendant? It is hard to tell what would work, which is why we are providing with a guide on picking out gifts for that science lover you have got in your life.

20 awesome gifts for science lovers


  1. Lego Drones (DIY)

Building, crashing and rebuilding a Lego drone is assured to give most science lovers a thrill. With the DIY Lego drones, you get to learn about programming by putting together your Lego drone and sending it into the air. The DIY Lego drone is controlled remotely with a Bluetooth enabled device or tablet and comes with a companion app. The Lego kit comes with a range of design and a highly customizable open-source platform from which you control the drone. You get everything that you need to get going out of the box. This is an excellent gift for any science lover that is 14 years and above.

  1. Giant microbes

The world we live in would be impossible without microbes. They are all around us, in our bodies, our bread crust, fungi and bacteria and they play a vital run in the regulation of our body functions. Plushies which magnifies them is an adorable gift that anyone would love. These gifts are cute, plushy and quite huggable. The plushies come in different shapes taking the structure of different microbes they represent; bird flu, Ebola etc. These plushies also come with printed cards that contain fun and educational facts.

  1. PancakeBot

The pancakebot turns batter into a delicious pancake. Watching a cartridge of batter cook into a pancake on its nonstick griddle is sure to delight anyone. You get to choose from hundreds of ready-made shapes. You can also customize your style on the pancakepainter software. It is straightforward to use the software, and anyone can get going no time. It can easily be disassembled for cleaning, and it currently costs $299.00

  1. Apollo cockpit necktie

Space-lovers would love this satin microfiber tie that is beautifully designed with hand-printed schematic images of the Apollo lunar module control panel. It is a page from the Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft on your neck. The tie is available in different sizes and a wide range of color to suit individual preferences.

  1. Waterproof endoscopic camera

This 2-megapixel camera lets you take a closer look underwater and in tight corners. Completely waterproof, this camera attached to a cable and connected through an app allows anyone to see underwater and in the tiniest spaces. Its resolution is up to 1280 x 720, and it comes with adjustable lighting for improved visibility in dim conditions.

  1. Ammonite fossil necklace

Lovers of Paleontology will love these fossil ammonite pendants. They are available in different sizes with an exceptional level of detail available in their chambers.

  1. TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

The perfect gift for every “Doctor Who’ fan. This TARDIS Projection Alarm clock makes waking up less of a nuisance as it projects time and the “Doctor Who” logo unto the ceiling. It also goes off with TARDIS sound and flashing lights.

  1. “Science Comics” books

This book series presents science topics in a highly enjoyable comic format. The book which is made by a roster of talented writers and artists is available on retail for $12.99

  1. Chemistry socks

Is there a better gift to give to someone that loves chemistry than a pair of Chemistry socks? The colorful accessories that are decorated with images of molecules, atoms and beakers is a gift any true lover of chemistry would appreciate. The best part is that it fits both male and female.

  1. Global Warming Mug

This beautiful mug is the perfect gift for that science-loving friend that cares about the plant. Beautifully colored with the sea, watch the sea level rise and coastlines disappear when you put water in this clever mug. Coffee would become a whole new experience after this mug.

  1. Astronaut phone stand

Bring the moon-landing experience to your loved one with this astronaut phone stand. The beautifully molded stand is something every science lover would like to have around.

  1. Nuke Lamp

This 3D printed lamp captures the aftermath of a nuke explosion. Pristine and beautiful. This lamp has an aesthetic that is pleasing to every science lover. So when they roll over in bed, they cannot help but smile at how powerful a nuke is.

  1. Jellyfish Paperweight

This beautiful hand-blown glass jellyfish would make a great addition to any room space that it is placed in. It glows in the dark, giving night time, a beautiful ambience every science lover would appreciate. It goes for $17 on amazon

  1. Pure Gallium

A great gift for science lover and physics students. This metal which instantly melts in your hand and is non-toxic is bound to give that thrill. It is available on Amazon for $7

  1. Goethe Barometer and Galileo Barometer

Treat your friends to a unique science experience with these Galileo inspired instruments which is are a fun example of early scientific measurement

  1. Space and Galaxy Cufflinks

Looks great with a suit, these beautiful cuff-links feature planets, galaxies and even the Golden record.

  1. Planet Lollipops

Sate the sweet tooth of your science-loving friend with this set of planet lollipops. Each lollipop comes in its unique flavor; Black Cherry, Watermelon, Cream Soda, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Candy Floss and Cream Soda.

  1. DNA Earrings

These stunning earrings which depict the DNA double helix is a great gift for any female science lover. They are made of Argentium sterling silver are beautiful.

  1. Albert Einstein Doll

What’s a better gift for a science-loving kid than the doll of one of the greatest scientist to ever live? I can hardly think of any at the moment. This Albert Einstein doll will make a great cuddle at night.

  1. Mini T-Rex sculpture

This beautiful ornamental piece would add a whole new dimension to any living room that is put in. Great for dinosaur lovers to put them right back in the dinosaur age.

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