15 Christ Centered Christmas Ideas

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When Christmas time arrives, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the Santa Claus and Christmas cheer that this time of year brings. While you don’t have to give up the whole Santa Claus and presents portion of Christmas entirely, you might want to consider dialing back on Santa and focusing on the Christ Centered part of Christmas.

15 Christ Centered Christmas Ideas

You can still have a great Christ-centered Christmas, without having to miss out on all the fun! Here are 15 Christ-Centered Christmas ideas to help you stay focused on Christ during this crazy holiday season.

15 Christ Centered Christmas Ideas

The White Stocking

It is a prevalent Christmas Eve tradition wherein the poem ‘The White Stocking’ plays a central part. People sit together after dinner and read out last year’s gifts and goals.

Learn about The White Stocking here

Christ-Focussed Christmas Bucket List

The idea of a bucket list appeals to everyone. If you need a Christmas bucket list that focuses on Jesus, then you have come to the right place.

Here is your free printable Christ – Focussed Christmas Bucket List here

Little Lamb of Bethlehem Activities

The Christmas celebrations nowadays are focussed more on the practice of giving and getting gifts, and on the Christmas tree itself. So you can bring the real spirit back with a kit of the little lamb of Bethlehem activities.

Learn all about the kit of Little Lamb of Bethlehem Activities here

The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System

Christmas is all about enthusiasm and spending family time together. The Christ-centered Christmas family traditions system is best enjoyed with your family and kids.

Learn all about The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System here

Nativity Coloring Pages

The nativity is always the favorite part of Christmas for many people. When you set up a holy nativity scene, it gives you mental peace and fills you with love.

Learn about the Nativity Coloring Pages here

Nativity Scavenger Hunt

The Nativity Scavenger Hunt can be used to teach the kids about everyone involved in the Nativity scene. It has become a favorite holiday tradition for all the kids.

Get involved in the Nativity Scavenger Hunt here

Christmas Angel Kid’s Craft

If you love the idea of creating a craft with your family that showcases the true meaning of Christmas, then do create this project with your kids.

Learn how to make Christmas Angel Kid’s Craft here

Make a Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is a simple ritual that takes only a few minutes and involves a prayer. It is a beautiful tradition and will change the way you think about the Christmas season.

Learn how to make a Jesse Tree here

Christmas Baking with Christ Focus

It is the small things that help us find Jesus during Christmas. Baking recipes are trendy during this time, and some of these baking can be Christ-focussed.

Learn about Christmas Baking with Christ Focus here

Names of Jesus Advent Ornaments

The Names of Jesus Advent ornaments help your family understand Jesus throughout the Christmas season. It is an excellent idea if you are planning to celebrate the first Christmas with your child.

Learn about the Names of Jesus Advent Ornaments here

Hurricane Votive Set Decoration

The Hurricane Votive set is simply amazing. It is a bit pricey but is worth every penny. The set looks beautiful in the middle of the table in the dining room.

Get your Hurricane Votive Set Decoration here

LEGO Nativity Set

The LEGO Nativity Set is part of its exclusive Christmas series. Detailed instructions are given, which helps to set it up quickly.

Get the LEGO Nativity Set here

Basic Shapes Nativity Scene Decoration

The Nativity craft is a great thing for kids as it gives them a much-needed lesson in geometry, particularly shapes. It is one of those DIY projects in which your kid can also help you.

Learn about the Basic Shapes Nativity Scene Decoration here

Mason Jar Advent Wreath

You can create a quick and beautiful advent wreath from mason jars, and it will not take much of your time. Try to get your kids involved in this if you want your children to understand the true meaning behind Christmas.

Learn about the Mason Jar Advent Wreath here

Jesus in a Manger Handprint Craft

The DIY baby Jesus using your little kids’ handprints is a very innovative idea, and easy to create. It is so cute looking that you can use it in a gift tag or a Christmas card.

Get the Jesus in a Manger Handprint Craft here.

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