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12 Gifts Your Teenager Will Actually Want

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We’re past the point of the 12 days of Christmas and, if you’re in a panic like many of us, you’re likely scrambling to get things shipped in time. What can be even harder is having a teen (or teens) to shop for on your list. We all know they are, like, so hard to please. You’ve probably been procrastinating their purchases, as there is nothing more soul-crushing than watching them roll their eyes as they open the socks you agonizingly picked out for them. Take a deep breath—we are here to help. Read on for 12 Gifts Your Teenager Will Actually Want. Yes, these things do exist.

12 Gifts Your Teenager Will Actually Want12 Gifts Your Teenager Will Actually Want

  1. Movie Passes

Gift cards can feel very impersonal, especially when it comes to giving them to loved ones. On the other hand, movie passes are a bit more personal, particularly if your teen is a regular moviegoer (which many of them are). If they’re film fanatics, you might even consider signing them up for a new thing called MoviePass. For only $9.95 a month, your teen can see as many movies as he or she likes at select theaters. This would be the perfect incentive for good grades, too.

  1. Accessories

While your teen might not be into you buying clothes for them any longer, he or she would be stoked to get a new scarf, jewelry, hats, makeup, watches, shades, and more. If it’s a significant expense, give it as a regular gift. If it’s something like socks or hair accessories, use it as a stocking stuffer.

  1. Clear Skin

You probably remember your teen years as filled with parties, classes, and…pimples. Unfortunately, teenagehood isn’t kind to our skin. If your child is struggling with acne, invest in the gift of clear skin. Whether you purchase a line of cleansers or take your teen daughter for a facial, this is one gift that will keep on giving long after Christmas is over.

  1. Totes Tech

Although you likely spend a lot of your time getting your teen to get off their phone, tablet, or other device, a tech gift is something that will surely get you “oohs” and “ahhhs”. While it’s your right to instill rules for said device, the purchase will gain you the top spot in the affection line. Let them feel really in charge by getting them a Google Home or Amazon Echo device.

  1. Moola

A cash gift will do, but you can start teaching them financial responsibility by giving them some money they can be in charge of in the form of a Christmas savings account. Let them make deposits and withdrawals (these can be monitored, of course) and get them used to fiscal responsibility.

  1. Excellently Experiential

It can be hard to get your teen to spend quality time with you, so this could be just the ticket—literally and figuratively—to bonding hours. Tickets to go see Hamilton, their favorite band, or something else that makes it a parent/teen outing could thaw the big freeze you’ve possibly been feeling since he or she hit the teen years.

  1. Essential Oils

While you might think these are just something your Aunt Susie annoys you about when she tries to sell them to you every month, but the benefits of diffusing these are indisputable. There are oils for focusing, good mental and physical health, chilling out, sleeping better, and more. All your teen needs to know is that they’re making his or her room smell good.

  1. Sports Stuff

You’ve likely heard the whining all year about how cleats don’t fit and shin guards are worn. Use the holidays as the time to get your teen in tip top shape for the next season. You’ll get bonus points if you buy the brand your teen likes.

  1. A Calendar

Whether you believe it or not, your teen is likely sentimental about her friends and family. Take the time to create a calendar made up of her favorite memories from the year. You might catch a tear being shed. And by way of a win/win, you can even fill it with reminders for your family members’ birthdays.

  1. Basket O’ Favorite Things

Whether you cruise the dollar section at Target or simply get a few magazines, books, and your teen’s favorite candy, this can be a cute way to show your son or daughter that you notice what they like.

  1. A Target Gift Card

Everyone. Loves. Target. It’s as simple as that. From teens to moms to teachers and beyond, Target is universally adored. And while gift cards can be somewhat impersonal, he or she will love picking out anything from pajamas and clothes to games and shoes.

  1. Holler for Hobbies

When your teen expresses interest in something other than his phone or the Xbox, you want to encourage that. Whether it’s a guitar, an artist kit, or a DSL camera, this will make you and your teen happy.

Your gift-a-day idea for the 12 days of Christmas will have to wait until next year but, if you go for any of the gift ideas for teens from this list, you might get him or her to crack the previously-thought-missing smile.

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