10 Weird and Wacky Christmas Gag Gifts

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Christmas is the perfect time to give gag gifts. Christmas gag gifts can quickly take the stress out of the holiday, if only for a few minutes. Here are just a few Christmas gag gifts to give your friends and family this holiday season.

10 Weird and Wacky Christmas Gag Gifts


This makes the perfect gag gift for all the single people you know. This Christmas they’ll be sure to get a Christmas kiss with Mistletoe-To-Go. Mistletoe-To-Go is a piece of mistletoe attached to a long stick that has a suction cup on the end. Just attach the suction cup to your forehead and you’re ready for action.

Santa Troll Earrings

Everyone remembers Trolls, those cute little figures with tall pointy hair. Now you can give these cute Trolls away as a Christmas gag gift. Santa Troll Earrings are Trolls dressed up like Santa, complete with over-the-top red hair. Give these to all the women in your life and insist they wear them to the big Christmas dinner.

Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser

When it comes to gag gifts, you’re always going to have at least one that deals with poop. The Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser is the perfect choice for anyone on your list. Even your preacher will be laughing at this one. Just set the reindeer on a flat surface and push down to receive candy poop pellets.

Santa’s Chocolate Lumps of Coal

Do you know someone who’s been naughty this year? Then break out the coal, candy coal that is. This makes such a fun gag gift. Being made out of solid chocolate, everyone will want one.

100% Soap Christmas Cards

If you want a truly unique gag gift, this is a perfect choice. These cards are completely made of soap. Even the letters are made out of soap. This is also the perfect choice for those friends who wear too much cologne or perfume. It’s a subtle hint, but maybe they’ll get it.

Animated Mooning Santa

This is a great gag gift for anyone who loves to decorate their home at the holiday AND has a sense of humor. All your friends will get a kick out of it when Santa says, “Seeing as you’ve been extra good this year, Santa has an extra special surprise for you HO HO HO…” He then spins around and pulls his pants down to present a full moon.

Seymour Bunz Santa

Do you know someone who has road rage? Then this is the perfect gag gift. This Santa attaches to their car window and a small bulb stays in their hand. When someone ticks them off in traffic, they just squeeze the bulb, and Santa lets them know how they feel in a happy holiday sort of way.

Gross ‘Em Out

Think of the most disgusting tastes you can imagine. Jelly Belly makes great jelly beans, but this affiliated site will turn your stomach faster than a hurricane. The flavors include skunk spray, baby wipes, and more. You can choose your container, select the gross flavors, and upload a picture for the container. Needless to say, no matter what they charge this is the best disgusting gag gift for the “special” people in your life!

Go with the flow!

Talking about poo, these gifts will turn your stomach. How about a number 2 pen? For $1.99 plus shipping, your recipient will be the proud owner of their own writing turd pen! Go to gagworks.com and order now! Icky poo, as I would say!!!!

Racing Grannies

This is as politically incorrect a gift as you can present to a person and you may probably feel really guilty about finding it funny, but I know some older people who thought it was hilarious. They are fairly open-minded and have a sense of fun, of course.

The Racing Grannies come as a set, standing behind their walkers and ready to compete. These are like the old-timey wind-up toys, where you just wind them up and watch them race their walkers to the finish line.

The Redneck Horn

This one-of-a-kind gadget goes on the driver’s dashboard and is supposedly a humorous, but practical way to deal with road rage, so you might think of giving this to anybody you know who has a short fuse.

All they do is hit the Redneck Horn and it says, in a thick hillbilly accent, exactly what they probably feel like saying about the frustrating situation, except only they can hear it. This way the driver will end up laughing, instead of losing his or her cool. Why not prevent a lunatic behind the wheel from harming somebody by giving him (or her) this?

Classic pranks and smells

Looking for tried and true gag gifts? Go to gagworks.com. This site offers everything from fake money to magic and everything in between and beyond. My favorite goodies on this site are the strange message envelopes you can send to both friends and enemies. Some of these theme envelopes are pretty crude and/or mean so make sure your choice is funny and not nasty.

Nasty Baby Name Book for Expecting Parents

If you hate your so-called friends who are pregnant drop about $10 plus shipping for this baby-naming gem. This offering will probably ensure you won’t be named godparent to said progeny. Just think how much you’ll save over the years.

This holiday season takes time to give the very best gag gift. Your friends, family, and co-workers will thank you for years to come, at least I hope so! Merry Christmas!

Fake Christmas Lottery Tickets

One last Christmas gag gift is Fake Christmas Lottery Tickets. Each ticket claims to be worth $20,000 or more and of course, every ticket’s a winner. The only catch is they have to contact Santa Claus to get their money. This would be great to attach to Christmas presents or place inside holiday cards. You can get 15 Fake Christmas Lottery Tickets for around $10.

Final Thoughts

If your gift-giving selections are slightly unusual or twisted, you will appreciate these suggestions for your Christmas or holiday gift list.

I personally like gifts that provoke a humorous response, but if I laugh too hard I have to suck on an inhaler to prevent my lungs from locking up. At least I’ll probably die laughing. I suppose that’s better than other things.

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