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10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

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10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy? When Christmas approaches, we see our list of needed supplies grow, and there are only so many paychecks before the big day. We have talked about creating a budget before, and that is where this little conversation comes in. There are some things that you should put off buying, wait until the post-holiday sales, and stock up for next year.  Here is our list of items that you should plan ahead to buy after the holiday when you can pick them up for 70-90% off the retail prices. This simple tip will help you stretch your budget as well as ease your mind for next year.

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10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

1. Gift Wrap Items
Yes, there will be lots of seasonal holiday papers. Try to plan for the entire year, though, and look over the selection for designs that could be used for birthdays, etc. I found a fun glittery sliced pizza paper one year that was a boon for Miss Sarah when she was invited to tween birthday parties. A cute snowflake paper works for a Frozen themed party or those winter birthdays. Don’t forget those gift bags, gift bows, and curling ribbon. Keep your eyes out for designs that you can use in months other than December.

2. Wait until After Christmas to buy Scotch Tape
You will want to wrap and tape the gifts, yes, but bear in mind scotch tape can be used all year round. It is often requested for school classrooms, help with lists for the kids, even taping little love notes to the bathroom mirror. Waiting until the “expensive season” has ended will leave you spending less for the tape and having it for more uses. The stores have a massive inventory for tape when the Christmas cheer is on, so as the season comes to a close, they will want to get rid of it all. Pick these up for a few pennies on the dollar too.

3. Holiday Cards
Despite the age of technology, there is something to be said about getting a real card in the mail. Christmas is the season to send holiday cards along with those letters that share what your family has been up to, and possibly a picture or two. If you plan to send cards out again next year, add a box or two to your post-holiday shopping list. You can easily save over $10 a box! Also, bear in mind, they do have neutral cards, which can be used for other holiday periods, so you save a ton when you wait for a little.

10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

4. Gift Boxes
Just like the wrapping paper, you can find gift boxes that don’t scream Christmas. Think of those birthdays throughout the year and the gift boxes that will be needed. Well, you may need to hang on for a few days until the “after Christmas sale” begins. You can choose from a variety of gift boxes that would have you saving on cash as well as getting quality choices too.

5. Wait until After Christmas to buy Tree Ornaments
A lot of people participate in ornament exchanges with groups of friends or clubs. Instead of paying $10 each, try $1-3 in the holiday clearance! So this one would be ideal for those who want to shop “ahead” of the next busy Christmas season. It may seem a little strange to buy so early but wouldn’t you prefer to get that crystal ball for $5 compared to $40 during the festive season? Exactly!

6. Holiday Lights
These are a must for Christmas but if this year has already gone far in and the prices have gone up beyond your budget…no need to worry. Just make the plans for next year and as this season is through the door, run over to the store and grab those lights you need. They will come in all styles and sizes and colors and you will have more than enough to choose from. Your decision this time around will make your Christmas next year one of the most memorable for you.

10 Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy

7. Fragrance Gifts Sets
Rarely do I shop for other people in the fragrance department unless I know they have a die-hard favorite. It’s just such a personal choice as individual body chemistry can make or break a match. I like to hunt down my favorites here and stock up for the year. One thing I do hunt for is bath gift sets! Who doesn’t love a long and luxurious soak with bath salts or fizzy bath bombs? As the Christmas season cools down, so will the rush and the price tags on them. Post-Christmas is the perfect time to go out and get as much as you want so you can have something for just about everyone on your friends’ list as well as for the other holiday seasons. I tend to repackage them, so they don’t scream Christmas.

8. Wait until After Christmas to buySeasonal Decor
Like the holiday lights, Christmas comes with some cool indoor and outdoor items that one doesn’t need unless they re trying to compete in the neighborhood decorating contest. Take, for instance, a beautiful lighted Santa to complement your other decorations, why not skip it right now at $175 and wait until December 26th, where it’ll only cost you $35? Not a bad deal, right? We say the same thing. Just wait after Christmas or so, and you will see the best part of this deal!

9. Winter Coats
These are a must for your family, depending on where you live. In Wisconsin, where we have snow up to eight months of the year? Coats are non-negotiable. Occasionally these show up on the Black Friday deal lists, but often, they are discounted just as soon as the after Christmas cruise season comes around.

10. Christmas Baking Supplies
Yeah, of course, that pie or pudding will be needed other times during the year, so getting the baking pans and trays even after the Christmas rush is still a good idea. Who cares if the M&Ms for their cookies are red and green? You can separate the colors and use the red for Valentine’s Day as well as the green for St. Patrick’s Day. Sugar, flour, etc. won’t be at rock bottom prices again until just before Easter. I even hunt down bagged gingerbread cookie mixes! A better deal is waiting until after the big holiday rush to get all these.

Think you are ready for this? Shopping the day after Christmas could be one of the best decisions you make in your seasonal budget!


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