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10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

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10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas? It is that time of year again when the cheers of giving and receiving, family coming over, and others, live in the “reason for the season.” It is rare to find one person who not only loves the Christmas season but has made plans to live the most memorable one. It is one of the most exciting times of the year, and we all know that one person who gets carried away when it comes to spending, partying, eating, or just being “out there.” After all, we only live once, so create memories you can always look back on and be happy. With the holiday right on our doorsteps, some plans need to be put in place to be fully prepared or at least 90% ready when it finally comes in.

10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

10 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

My list of plans might seem simplified at first, but when checked on a deeper level, we will understand that they are productive and will help us in the long run to get ready for Christmas. These planning tactics include:

1. Setting a Budget
A budget should be the first and most crucial planning element when it comes to the Christmas holidays. There is so much that the eyes see, and the mind and heart can’t seem to refuse! At the end of the holidays, you are either in colossal debt or have gone nearly bankrupt. Bear in mind the gifts, cards, food, decorations, outfits, and more can small up to cost a fortune without realizing it. It is only after you have spent an “arm & a leg,” that you will recognize the importance of a budget and sticking to it. Having a budget means you have to be determined and focused in order not to go overboard. After all, you want to enjoy your holiday, not spend the next several months paying for it.

2. Plan Menus and Holiday Baking
Pre-planning your menus and your baking list will enable you to know what you have to prepare and what you may need to get before the appointed time. It helps you to be organized and have a better chance of getting the job done without errors. Are you planning for a roast or a spiral ham? You may realize this routine will help you to stock up on the necessary ingredients you need as well as any other items you may need. There is nothing worse than making Uncle George’s favorite green bean casserole to realize you are out of cream of mushroom soup.

baking christmas cookies

3. Create a Shopping/Gift List to Get Ready for Christmas
Christmas means giving and spending a little extra to gift out to everyone who may be in your reach. So, with that said, we want to bless as many people as possible, so before you go out and start shopping, make a list of everyone you plan to give a gift to. After you make a list of who you need to have a gift for, you can set a budget per person, and then create a list of what the perfect gift for each recipient might be.

4. Watch Sales for both Baking Ingredients and Items for Gift Lists
When it is close to the Christmas holidays, you will realize there are lots of different sales and promotions, so make use of them! As you shop, be mindful not to be blinded by the fact that even though it’s a sale, you are still spending. Shop around for the better sale option and always remember to stick in your budget.

5. Address Holiday Cards
Before you go deep into the holidays, make sure you address all your holiday cards. Double-check your list – I use the three-year rule. If I haven’t gotten a holiday card back from them in the last three years, then it is time to take them off my list. I always do up a few extra cards, too – just in case I am surprised. This simple task will reduce the pressure you go under when the hectic works come on. Now you need to decide if you want a holiday letter or to add photos.

6. Make “Bucket List” for Seasonal Activities like going to see Holiday Lights or the Nutcracker.
Some seasonal activities have to be a part of the “to do” list before the holidays go out. There are so many fun activities one can do, like going with the family to see the Christmas lighting in the park or finding a live Nativity. Are you a Lutheran Family? Hunt down the best Lutefisk dinner in your area. Is there a fantastic holiday craft show? Get that on your calendar! These seasonal activities will increase the festivity of the season, and help to create the perfect memory to share for years to come.

7. Check over Decorations/Lights
Have some decorations and lights from last Christmas that you plan to use this time around? Well, before the holidays pull in closer, you may want to check in on them to ensure they are still in the best shape. Start pulling the knots out or dust the glistening balls off and get that tree shaking to stand firm. Now is the time, so you know where you stand in your plans to decorate. You will have time to purchase new replacements if they are needed.

chicking over holiday lights

8. Make what Gifts you plan to get ready for Christmas
Planning on making up some gifts for a few select people? Now is the perfect time to do it. You won’t have the time when it gets closer to the period, and you may end up not fulfilling the desires you had planned on. This is perfect for all those people making jams, jellies, cookie mixes, custom soaps, bath bombs, etc.

9. Take Family Photos
Taking family photos should be done now too, as many use it for Christmas cards and more. You can also make the videos and photo gallery that you might plan to share with the extended family and friends who may come over for the yearly visit.

10. Make a Personal Wish List – After all, someone might ask!
Many will say this shouldn’t be the last on the list, but even if they say Christmas is about giving more than receiving, someone may ask what you want or need! Or, if there is that person who always had “creative” gifts for you that you never know what to do with, this can help prevent that hat you would never wear or shirt that is two sizes too small. It is better to let them know; just as you are planning on your list, so are they, and they need to do it as well before the rush.

What do you do to get ready for the holidays? Do you do something that we missed? Please share!

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